How to Maintain Your Guitar


Constant maintenance of your guitar help to prevent any type of buildup or grime that can occur. Forgetting or just failing to maintain it can result in a distorted sound or even damage if you take to long to take care of your guitar. Below are some useful tips on how to maintain your guitar. If you do it properly, your guitar will stay in good condition even if it has been used for years.

Treat it how you would treat your other valuable possessions. Never lay it down on the ground when you are not playing it or doing maintenance on it. The best place for your guitar to be is in a case, in a gig bag, on a wall hanger or on a floor stand.

Cleaning your guitar regularly is extremely important. If you have an electric guitar, try loosening the strings a bit so you can remove the dust that most likely has gathered around the pickups.If you have an acoustic, loosen the strings and remove the dust by the bridge. You don’t need to loosen them much, just enough to get a cloth underneath. Prod the hardware to see if it’s loose, and if it is, see if there’s a screw you can tighten.

Tuning your guitar right . Always make sure that the guitar is tuned to whatever tuning you intend it to be before and after playing so as to keep the tension in the strings constant and thus prevent it from breaking easily. One more thing, the next time you bring your guitar for re-stringing, make sure the strings are ‘stretched’ so that they don’t break so easily in the future.

The best way to take care of your guitar, is by playing it regularly. There is no better advice. A guitar that is less played will lead to the short life span of your guitar. Play your guitar regularly. Only when you play it, will you realize when it needs tuning, or whether it needs new strings or any other glitches that might go unnoticed when you hardly ever play your guitar.

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