Simtoo HOSHI 007 Pro Selfie Drone, Only $179 Flash Sale

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Simtoo HOSHI 007 Pro Selfie Drone 4K Wifi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter


The SIMTOO HOSHI 007 Pro Self-Drone is a book-type drone that can be folded or unfolded. This foldable design protects the propeller from external forces so it is safe to fly on any occasion. Simtoo HOSHI 007 Pro It is not like our traditional common quadcopter, it looks like a thick book, but not bulky, in fact, it weighs only 415 grams, because its body is supported by carbon fiber is very light.

The founder of Simtoo HOSHI 007 Pro positioned it as a selfie drone because it could shoot 4K 4K / sec video and 1200W pixel photos. As a Selfie drone, the camera function is naturally very powerful, Simtoo HOSHI 007 Pro 2.4GHZ quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, equipped with a 1-axis universal joints, you can remotely control your drone in the air free rotation, to capture a 360-degree different images, do not see The same wonderful. There is also the use of electronic image stabilization technology can guarantee the stability of shooting picture quality.

The Simtoo HOSHI 007 Pro Selfie UAV is really not to be missed for photographers, it has a really cool action camera, whether you’re attending weddings, graduation ceremonies, opening ceremonies, hosting parties, or various outdoor activities , You can use it, you can effortlessly record all the pictures you want to become eternal.

When flying, you can fold the Simtoo HOSHI 007 Pro up to 215 * 153 * 50mm, which you can put in your suitcase or backpack. Take it with you wherever you go. When you expand this RC quadcopter you will find its wings have two panels, each panel has two propellers under the metal cage, the size of the expansion: 215 * 263 * 47mm, its unique optical flow sensor And SLAM technology to fly easily in a complex indoor environment with its visual tracking feature that enables it to identify and move its underlying target.

OK, let’s take a look at the unique features of the Simtoo HOSHI 007 Pro Self-Collapsible UAV. It protects itself in all directions with 100 W HD WIFI FPV, 12 MP camera, 60 FPS 1080P, 4K 25FPS Optics Flow Sensor + SLAM Technology, 147 Degree FOV, Vision Tracking Technology + 1 Axis Cardan, + EIS Technology Allows Your UAV To Smoothly Shoot and Move, GLONASS & GPA Allows Automated Return, 3.7V 2900mAh 10C Lithium Battery Your drone reassurance flight 15 minutes, do not worry no electricity, USB cable to make you more at ease.





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