How To Choose Your Own Camcorder


With the rapid development of the digital camcorder market, manufacturers continue to introduce new products, more and more powerful product features, face a wide range of digital camcorders and a variety of technical parameters, it is inevitable to some of the less proficient in the consumption of this channel are confused. In fact, for any one of the digital camcorder, the image quality is an issue of concern for all, then for a direct impact on image quality sensor and lens is these two points, in the course of the LCD screen, and how media storage also two more crucial issues. So, as long as four points noted above, it could have been elected to the satisfaction of a digital camcorder .
Sensor and Pixe.

Previous digital camcorder CCD image sensors are based on single or 3CCD, there are many uses such as Panasonic 3CCD products. But in 2005 took the lead in the Sony Handycam CMOS sensor installed in the tape DV-DCR-PC1000E, CMOS sensors in digital camcorders, it is the high-definition digital video camcorder into the requirements of the times, it has accelerated the emergence of high-definition camcorder, and the process of popularization of high-definition camcorder. For the digital camcorder is concerned, we have a common sense, that is, the higher the pixels to enhance image quality for more help. The current mainstream products have reached more than megapixels. The 300 million total pixels, 400 million pixels of products currently on the market is also not uncommon, and if the budget enough to buy off, then the choice of high resolution as possible, or use CMOS sensor products.

Lens and Zoom

For digital camcorders, the lenses like eyes. Lens imaging quality for digital camcorders also have an impact, excellent image quality the lens is a guarantee. As we all know, the German optical lens of world-renowned image quality, Sony and Carl Zeiss has a history of cooperation for many years, a variety of Sony digital camcorders have adopted the famous Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * lens for Sony digital camcorder image quality and laid a solid foundation. In addition, Panasonic and Leica have cooperation.

Digital camcorders with zoom lenses, the more common and more with 10 optical zoom lens, but there are some products using 20x optical zoom lens. Large optical zoom ratio lens, you can not see the distant past, the scene clearly in front of enlarged reproduction. Digital camcorders are generally also has the electronic zoom function, but in the case of open electronic zoom, image quality will be relatively large impact, so not much practical use of significance.

LCD screen

A digital camcorder for any, it took on the LCD screen while shooting, playback and view the menu operations to these work, it is also crucial. At present, the more mainstream of the digital camcorder screen, have reached more than 2.5 inches, the larger the size of the screen, whether in shooting or playback, and menu operation, you can get better results. Current digital camcorder’s LCD screen gradually began to appear some 3.5-inch products. Function with a touch screen, menu operations can be on the screen and intuitive operation, for those not very fluent in digital products, people, it is convenient. After Sony introduced the first touch-screen, the Canon, Panasonic and other manufacturers have introduced such products.

DV-screen 16:9 is another popular direction, 16:9 display is based on alleged human eyes, the distance between the optimal size of the design, enabling people to watch video content in the best sense of the visual impact . In addition to DV, the fact both the LCD TV or computer monitors have become popular 16:9 widescreen mode.

Storage Media

Digital camcorder storage media can be divided into the tape, DVD disc, hard drives and flash memory four categories. Hard drives and DVD discs are the mainstream products on the market today, becoming the first choice of consumers. Hard drive digital video camcorder, the image will be taken to MPEG-2 format is stored in the hard disk. Omitted the previous digital camcorder tapes need to collect, format conversion step, in connection with the computer, you can burn directly to DVD disc. Hard drives on the market of digital camcorders ranging capacity from 20G to 60G, the maximum capacity of 60G products.

CD-ROM as a storage medium using a digital camcorder, you can sync while filming a DVD disc burning out, if not too many requirements for the post-edit the user, may consider such products. Now including Sony, Canon, Hitachi, Panasonic and Samsung have several major manufacturers, including DVD disc digital camcorder products.


Who saw these words, you can already have a digital camcorder on the basic understanding, need to pay attention when choosing what areas should also be aware of. To a bed of roses to buy a digital camcorder, this is only open the way to image the first step in life. The hands of a skilled master the operation of equipment, and constantly upgrade their own experience of shooting for a DV lovers, are also necessary homework.

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