Genuine Cow iPad Leather Case Escort for Your iPad


Since iPad listed for half a year, It has brought strong impact to the global digital market. The days of glory Netbook, e-book, MP4 and other electronic products, in the front of gorgeous, have become a cloud. According to incomplete statistics, iPad’s global sales, is rapidly approaching million.

iPad’s hot give rise to the iPad accessories industry boom. In particular, the protection of products such as iPad Bluetooth Keyboard, Genuine Leather Case etc. Because the size and weight of iPad significantly higher than the touch or iPhone, after a long time holding in the hand, you are easily fatigued lead to missed fall. Of course, Apple iPad company with a special protective holster. But because of the color, style single, thin texture, can not really play a protective role iPad, the majority of Apple fans have been criticized. Spent several thousand dollars to by a perfect iPad, right from the start to well protect. Although the original iPad Case work fine, but the material too, and looks are not that low, touched on a finger was very uncomfortable.

Genuine Leather Case

Genuine Leather Case carefully protect your iPad, as your sincere friends and relatives feel the same way, the intentions of the unique, a moment not leave. Different from other iPad Leather Case in the market, this genuine iPad Leather Case is made of 100% Genuine Cow Leather (Cow leather sample included for your check), not only a good close to the iPad, more than half of the impact of the buffer, greatly reduced Accidentally fell out and external damage to the iPad. Regardless of broadcast movies or enter text, are very convenient.

Genuine Leather Case


100% Genuine Cow Leather. (Cow leather sample included for your check)

High quality lining.

Delicate stone prints.

Classical black color.

Show a beautiful and attractive gloss of leather.

Extremely good touch feeling.

Protect your iPad from external spoilage and damage.

You can put your iPad into this cover and bring it to anywhere you like.

A perfect Stand to let you enjoy unbounded control over your iPad.

Especially designed to provide first class service for your iPad.

Also a perfect gift.

Simple, Generous, High Grade design.

Satisfy your Gratification of life with your iPad together!


Suitable for: iPad

Material: Genuine Cow Leather

Print: Stone-Printed

Color: Black

Product size: 245 x 200 x 28mm

Product weight: 494g

Package size: 290 x 205 x 30mm

Package weight: 559g

In general, the iPad leather case which is made of geniue leather, lightweight and tough, well protected iPad screen in the same time, folding
into a stent, whether horizontally, stacked vertically are arbitrary, so the perfect show for your entertainment iPad, Selling wonderful. More information of this item, welcome to visit:

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