Tips Of Choosing and Using Remy Hair


Remy hair is best hair wig for the occasions like wedding, party, prom, and everyday use. So, the question coming on, how to choose remy hair? How to use and protect remy hair? Choosing the best remy hair extensions can be quite complicated, so before you buy, consider the types of remy hair you are looking for and what you want the final result to be.

remy hair

When you are adding a pop or fashion color to your hair, then matching the color is not as important, but you should still make sure that the textures are similar for a more sophisticated look. The length of the extensions you buy should be based on how long you want the finished product to be. Remy hair extensions are available in a range of lengths. It is best to choose a length longer than you are planning to wear your hair because the extensions often need to be cut to blend in after they are applied.

remy hair

Unlike synthetic hair, you can color and heat style remy hair in the same way as your own hair, making it very versatile and natural looking. For example, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing wavy remy hair, including whether to purchase virgin or non-virgin hair in single or double-drawn bundles. The texture of the waves and the source of the hair are also important considerations. Brazilian remy hair is usually naturally wavy and is good for women with coarser hair due to its thick texture.

remy hair

Following are some hair maintaining tips when using remy hair, pls be careful:

1. Use a mild shampoo to wash it, then rinse and leave it to dry.

2. You’d better choose the round with wide-tooth comb.

3. Please spray some hair gel for holding this wave.

4. Don’t blow the root of hair too near by the hair drier.

5. Don’t grasp the root of hair overexert when you’re washing it.

6. Don’t make the hair under the blazing sun for a long time.

7. You can perm and dye it, but don’t do this too frequent, and remember to use the nutrition water.

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