Crescent fashion look JOWAY H02 Bluetooth headset

Crescent fashion look JOWAY H02 Bluetooth headset

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The well-known domestic mobile power brand JOWAY has recently launched a H02 Bluetooth headset. This headset uses a crescent-shaped stylish design. The notes are like beating all the way along, and the stereo two-channel sound output makes you truly feel high school. The mystery of the bass tri-band. Can support two devices at the same time, small size, light weight, comfortable to wear, easy to use, currently quoted at only $ 10.87, interested netizens can pay attention.

This earphone adopts the crescent-shaped fashion design, which shows the fashionable features and weighs only 11g. It adopts ergonomic design, the body streamline fits the cheeks, is dynamic and considerate, and is comfortable to wear. The imported noise reduction microphone and intelligent integrated chip ensure the clear and realistic sound to the greatest extent.

Headset start connection: Please continue to press the multifunction key for 4-5 seconds until the indicator light flashes red and blue alternately. At this time, the headset has activated the pairing mode and waiting for pairing; activate the user’s mobile phone Bluetooth function and search for Bluetooth devices, select Headset JOWAY H02, and enter the password 0000. After the pairing is successfully connected, the indicator light turns blue, indicating that the pairing connection is successful!

It has a powerful one-drag-two function, which can connect two mobile phones at the same time. No matter which phone is used for incoming calls, you can use it to answer calls; you can also connect the mobile phone and iPad at the same time while playing games. Very convenient. Accessible calls within 10 meters, just listen.

Inheriting the advantages of JOWAY in power supply manufacturing, the H02 Bluetooth headset uses Bluetooth 4.0 version, with a standby time of up to 100 hours, eliminating the trouble of continuous charging.

It has pure stereo sound effect, pure sound quality, good bass effect, rounded midrange, no noise and broken sound, can have better sound quality performance, ears are comfortable to listen to.

Comments: JOWAY H02 is beautifully designed and stylish. It is an ear-hook Bluetooth headset with intelligent noise reduction function. It can receive stereo audio from mobile phones, laptops, computers and other Bluetooth devices. After connecting with a mobile phone, it can be used as a wireless hands-free phone and enjoy the fun of wirelessly transferring phone calls and music.

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