iSteady Pro 3-Axis

Hohem-Tech enters the US CES show “Love Steady iSteady” stunning appearance


The 2016 US Consumer Electronics Show (International Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas on January 6th, local time, for four days.

Hao Hao Excellence brought the new product “Hohem iSteady” three-axis handheld mobile phone stabilizer to the world. At the CES show, it launched a new intelligent three-axis handheld mobile phone stabilizer, which opened the smart new horizon of mobile phone stabilizer. In addition, Hao Hao also brought an upgraded new generation Hohem iSteady Pro 3-Axis handheld stabilizer, tailored for sports cameras such as GoPro.

ES Exhibition is one of the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions. It has always been regarded as a development trend indicator for the consumer electronics and intelligent industries and a major event in the technology circle. This is the first time that the great iSteady has been released at the CES show, showing the world’s iSteady subverting the traditional handheld stabilizer. It not only has the anti-shake function of the stabilizer on the mobile phone, but also the five innovation highlights of the latest development:

1, face recognition intelligent tracking shooting function

2, one-button automatic 360 ° surround rotation panoramic shooting function

3, integrated wireless remote control stabilizer & mobile phone

4, five-way control joystick & multi-function key combination

5, quick editing & sharing

These innovative features of iSteady have attracted many visitors to communicate and are widely watched by customers and media around the world. iSteady intelligently recognizes the faces of visitors through the vast booth and automatically follows the visitors to move and shoot. This highlight causes visitors to stop and has a great interest in iSteady, unconsciously and iSteady. The intelligent human-computer interaction function has been carried out, and the user has received a lot of praise and recognition.

Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Haohao Excellence Technology Co., Ltd. has a young and energetic R&D team consisting of several senior industry design experts and mobile enthusiasts. As a “black horse” in the UAV and handheld stabilizer industry, Haohao Excellence has been committed to the independent research and development, production, sales and after-sales of high-performance UAV flight control systems and intelligent PTZ stabilization systems. :HG1 Pro three-axis handheld pan/tilt, love stable iSteady three-axis handheld mobile phone stabilizer, Bat new generation indoor positioning multi-rotor flight control system, Bfly professional-grade multi-rotor flight control system, Bee rider multi-rotor flight control system, Hohem The man-machine ground station control system, the AG1 Pro three-axis airborne Gopro cloud platform, and the PG1 three-axis airborne camera pan/tilt are widely recognized in the market.

This magnificent US CES exhibition is intended to actively invest in overseas markets, expand global sales channels, and hope to deepen exchanges and cooperation with customers around the world, seek common development, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations.

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