Painting King HUION GT-190 19 inch master professional hand-painted screen

Computer & Stationery

The painted king GT190 digital screen adopts the squarely and sharp, the simple and simple border of the texture, and the precision tempered glass panel that is flat and immersed in the plane, so that the noble, atmospheric and naturalized book screen can be presented to the extreme!

The painted king HUION GT190 digital screen uses electromagnetic induction technology, the pressure induction can reach up to 2048 level, 1440*900 high-definition screen technology makes the color reproduction more real, and the 16.7 million pixels makes each part of the delicate presentation bright and colorful, wide-angle screen, The viewing angle is H170° and V160°, which provides a strong guarantee for color reproduction during production, production and printing. The intelligent support feet can be adjusted from 20° to 80° to allow you to enjoy the best visual needs.

The GT-190 has reached the current highest pressure level of 2048 Levels, perfect for painting without stress, to restore your real handwriting. Inspiration is on the horizon! The speed painting response 233RPS, stylus response 5 milliseconds, high-speed painting, can also easily restore your handwriting. The GT-190 has the front side of the fuselage corrected to 452 (mm) x 306 (mm) while maintaining a large 19-inch screen, and the body thickness is adjusted to only 60 (mm). Windows 7 and later (32-64 bit system), Mac OS X10.8 and later systems are fully compatible.

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