Hidden Spy Camera 4GB Cap With Remote Control $51.39 At TOMTOP


When you are eating in the restaurant together with your friends, suddenly you heard the people in the next table discuss something about your company or your other friends, at such moment what are you want to do? Want to record it without anyone knowing, right or not? There are many such moments we will meet in our daily lives. There is no doubt that spy cameras are become more and more popular. One of the most popular hidden spy camera is the 4GB spy pinhole camera with remote control which is available at Tomtop.com just for $51.39.

hidden spy camera

This item is a kind of mini camera that is hided in a hat. The built-in camera records video together with sound. The spy hat lets you record high quality undercover videos wherever yo go and without anybody knowing the better. Even if people are looking directly at the hat, they still won’t be able to notice the extremely hidden video lens. The cool hat is really a useful tool for you to take pictures and record the important and unforgettable moments, and also record some evident for police. In a word, it has wide applications and we should use it at right ways. If you like this fashionable hat, please log in to Tomtop.com, there are many kinds of spy cameras for you to choose.

This spy video camera comes with an impressive 4GB of memory so you will have enough storage capacity to capture hours of high quality undercover videos with audio. Video will be recorded at 640*480 resolution and 30fps which gives you nice and detailed spy videos. Using this spy device is quick and easy too. Just turn it ON and press the Record button on the remote to begin recording, press it once more to stop and save.

The design of this hidden spy camera is modern and stylish enough to wear with any casual style clothing and can be used just about anywhere you go. Such device isn’t limited to spy use either. Use this spy camera to document your daily adventures or simply keep it on your head and capture all of life’s spontaneous moments. The price is also quite affordable, as low as $51.39 at China wholesale online store TOMTOP with worldwide fast free shipping!

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