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The Car Key DVR also considered as Spy Car Keychain camera, it looks just like a car key so we always called it Car Key DVR. As the development of the technology, you will be not feel strange that under  help of a car key you can take still photos, record video with sounds. There are many such spy gadgets around us, and bring us many benefits. The main reason of people like to choose this car key DVR as their spy gadget is that its small size and nothing different with the real car key. Of course, people wouldn’t doubt that you always take a car key along with you. Especially, the price of such high tech gadget has been cut down. China wholesale online store TOMTOP offer this high quality item only at $9.57, I am sure this is the lowest price on the web so far.

Car Key DVRThe car keychain shape makes it ideal for a variety of uses. High definition video with voice lets you clearly see who is there and hear what they say. It’s a great tool for people who love to spy something. Take it in hand or place it in pocket. Use it as memory stick, playback video on PC. The car key spy camera is a super compact video/auto camcorder, small and light, can be used as a normal car key. It can record high resolution real time video via its internal pinhole camera at the touch of a button. Up to around 60 minutes of 640*480 AVI video which can be recorded on 32GB. Internal rechargeable battery is recharged via PC USB connection. It has all the features that you need to click a photo in a second. Its picture quality is superb and it renders images which will put give a run to traditional heavy cameras. The car keychain spy camera takes pictures and then stores them right onto the camera itself giving you great quality pictures every time.

Car Key DVR

Like other spy cameras, the car key DVR also can record videos without anyone discover it. This is a must feature for any spy gadget. If you are a fresh man in using spy gadget, I am sure this is a good item for you to choose. Not only because of its low price but also for its high quality. It’s very easy to use, easy to switch between recording videos and taking still photos. Large clear video at 30 frames per second. If you like this useful gadget, welcome to visit China wholesale onlline store TOMTOP to purchase the item at the lowest price $9.57 with worldwide fast free shipping.

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  1. mailed new item be there 30 days then lost then 30 days again lost till ebay feedback time exirped. I have made many purchases on ebay over the years this company first bad feedback

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