How Do The Unique Features Of The Mini Wireless Keyboard Function?


The wireless keyboard with touchpad is a small handheld keyboard. It contains more than sixty keys. The mini design can be used in any setting be it professional or personal. It gives you the freedom to enjoy multimedia entertainment from your house. It is convenient for use in conferences, lectures and other instructive sessions. It enables persons share big television and projector screens.

wireless keyboard with touchpad


  • The 2.4G wireless technology gives you unlimited PC control power. It also has a USB receiver.
  • It has a background LED lighting effect. You have the freedom to text, browse or play games even in a poorly illuminated place. Select the LED color of your choice from the wide range of colors available in the keyboard.
  • The mini wireless keyboard is ideal because of its soft touch. Using it is as easy as reading ABC. It has a laser pointer and e-pointer. This gives the user a perfect teaching aid. You can teach, train or learn how to use the keyboard. The laser pointer is an all in one instructional material. It is just efficient
  • It has a powerful durable battery. This is because of its lithium-ion battery type.  You can recharge it hence saving on the cost of buying another one. The lithium battery charges for a short duration. The advantage is that it lasts for as long as one month with average use.
  • The wireless key board with touchpad has a notebook that you can customize and utilize it according to your preferences. The touchpad notebook is techno-sensitive.
  • The touchpad has a 90-degree flip model. This touchpad enables you to scroll easily with a single button click whether vertically or horizontally.
  • The navigation keys have an artistic design. You can easily use multimedia keys. You are able to play games using the wireless keyboard. The windows multimedia control gives you the freedom to enjoy all types of media with the mini wireless
  • It has all entertaining features found in a PC. You can therefore have fun as you would on your PC.


You can easily carry the 2.4Ghz keyboard wherever you go. It is stylish and suits your unique way of life. Because of its small size, you can benefit from the keyboard just like the ordinary keyboard. You can message spontaneously and browse whenever you want anytime anywhere. 

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