Helpful Steps to Choose A Great Lightweight Portable Tripod


The tripod is an absolute must because after hiking into an area you become winded and tired and are much less likely to hold your camera still. Also, if you are using a telephoto lens, setting up a panoramic shot or using long shutter speeds you will need a tripod to eliminate shake and create sharper photos. You’ll want a tripod that is lightweight, compact but still has the features you need.

No one tripod will meet all your requirements, so you must determine the elements most important to you and chose the ones which meet your main needs. When you are purchasing a tripod you want to pay attention to these five aspects.


The lighter tripod is, the easier to carry around. There are trade-offs, of course. The lighter tripod is not as stable particularly when raised to its maximum height. There are materials on the market now such as carbon fiber, which help cut the weight of larger tripods. The down side of these tripods is the price. They are quite a bit more expensive than those made of aluminum.


Height is crucial, because standing hunched over your camera all day will really put a crimp in you enjoyment. Also, you want to think about the portability of the tripod. The smaller it compacts down, the more portable it is.


Stability is very important because this is basically the point of using a tripod. Some tripods come with a hook in the bottom of the center post so you can hang a weight on it to keep it steady, particularly if it is windy. Camera shake, even just a little will decrease the quality of your photographs. A tripod is just about mandatory if you are going to take long exposures, use a telephoto lens or take panoramic shots.


When you use your tripod for out door photography and/or nature photography, you want to make sure it will stand up to the elements. A tripod should be able to withstand hard use over a long period of time without breaking. It makes no sense to invest in a product if it is just going to break in a few weeks or lock up because it got wet.

Ease of adjustment

Last but not least you don’t want to fumble around with ungainly controls. You want a tripod that will adjust rapidly and easily so you avoid missing important shots. Flick lock legs that adjust individually are great. A ball-head and a quick lift enter post makes for fast adjustments once you get the tripod set to the right height.

Taking all the aspects above into consideration, I think you can choose a tripod to fully meet your need.


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