Xiaomi Mi Camera N1 Outdoor PTZ Review

Xiaomi Mi Camera N1 Outdoor PTZ Review

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In recent years, as the smart home market has become more mature, the smart products on the market have become more colorful, and there are more types of products in the market. From the perspective of user use, the requirements for intelligence and convenience have been met. With the characteristics of high pixels, low illumination and wide dynamics, smart cameras have also been recognized by many users in the smart home market. With the gradual accumulation of technology, this white smart camera is also very popular in the market. Period number intelligent evaluation room will bring you Chuangmi Xiaobai smart camera products.

Core functions

Based on the analysis of the pain points of users and the experience of building indoor cameras, Chuangmi Technology has focused on launching this smart camera with market appeal. It mainly has 8 core functions, which are 270 ° super wide-angle gimbal and IP66. Dustproof and waterproof, infrared night vision, dual antenna signal enhancement, two-way voice intercom, high-definition 1080P, low-light full-color and large decibel alarm sound are jointly blessed, so as to focus on solving the user’s pain points and ensure the safety and convenience of home life.

Outstanding storage advantages

Supports local SD card storage. When the memory is full, new videos will automatically overwrite old videos, up to 64G storage. Secondly, it can also be stored in the cloud for 7 days for free, and it is automatically looped. Users can open the Mijia APP at any time. View videos from the last 7 days.

Camera gimbal angle of view reaches 270 °, ensuring maximum security

The visible range of traditional cameras is generally between 90 ° and 100 °. The Xiaobai smart camera outdoor PTZ version N1 innovatively uses a rotatable PTZ design, and the care range can reach 270 °. This ultra-wide-angle PTZ design can It satisfies the user’s experience well, and guarantees the safety of home life to the maximum extent. At the same time, it can also set 6 key care areas for human shape detection, video recording and alarm. The key areas can be pre-stored in common camera angles. Clicking on a preset angle can control the device to rotate to the corresponding position.

Can remotely control camera rotation, making traditional outdoor units flexible

Flexibility is a major feature of this camera. Compared with traditional cameras that have been fixed for a long time, it has a high degree of optimization. By accessing the Mijia APP, it is possible to remotely control the camera through a mobile phone. Turning target.

1080P HD, night vision up to 15 meters, stunning low-light full-color performance

It uses a 1080P, 2 million pixel high-definition camera, which has 10 built-in infrared night vision lights. In addition to the real and clear restoration of the real scene during the day, the maximum visible distance at night can reach 15 meters. With high-performance image sensors and ISP chips, it has been debugged and optimized by professional engineers dozens of times, so its sharpness, sharpness and saturation of the imaging picture are outstanding.

Supports both WiFi and network cable connections

It supports both Wi-Fi and network cables. When the user chooses the network cable connection, the device can also act as a router to provide hotspots for mobile phones. Second, the length of the power cord is increased to 5 meters (conventionally 2-3 meters) , Saving users a sum of money to buy extension cords.

Product experience

On the whole, Xiaobai’s smart camera is a smart monitoring device that is very suitable for home care and nursing homes, and the access through the Mijia APP makes it more convenient to use. It also has remote PTZ operation, in addition to It makes the field of vision wider, and it can also realize all-round monitoring without dead ends. As an elaborate product created by Chuangmi, the market response of this product must also be highly praised.

View of Digital Intelligence Evaluation Room

Smart cameras have always played a great role in smart home products. Compared with other smart home products, cameras bear the most core security responsibility. Therefore, polishing the quality of the product and implementing intelligent functions are costly. More energy, and this smart product has been launched to the market, from the details to the implementation of the function, has achieved a fundamental purpose, that is, from the perspective of user needs, and constantly meet the diverse needs of users, this is this The value of the product design, I also hope that Chuangmi will continue to keep up with changes in market demand and continue to design good products to improve user experience.

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