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In the eyes of most people, the tripod is probably the least valued of photographic equipment. The quality of the tripod is also very important. If you use a shaky tripod, it will affect the effect of the camera. But a tripod is indispensable photographic equipment for many photography enthusiasts, because after hiking to an area, you will feel tired and tired, and it is unlikely to keep the camera still. In addition, if you use a telephoto lens, set panoramic shots, or use a long shutter speed, you will need a tripod to eliminate jitter and create sharper photos. You need a light and compact tripod that still has the functions you need. It can help you shoot more stable and delicate works.

No single tripod can meet all your requirements, so you must determine the elements that are most important to you and choose the elements that meet your main needs. How to choose a tripod that suits you? Pay attention to these five aspects when choosing a tripod.

The lighter the tripod, the easier it is to carry. Of course, there are trade-offs. Lighter tripods are not very stable, especially when they are raised to their maximum height. Materials such as carbon fiber are now available on the market to help reduce the weight of larger tripods. The disadvantage of these tripods is the price. They are much more expensive than aluminum ones.

Height is important because standing hunched in front of the camera all day will make you have fun. In addition, you should consider the portability of the tripod. The smaller it is compressed, the more portable it is.

Stability is very important because this is basically the point of using a tripod. Some tripods have a hook at the bottom of the center column, so you can hang heavy objects on them for stability, especially in windy conditions. Camera shake, even a small amount, will degrade the quality of the photo. If you want to make long exposures, use a telephoto lens, or take panoramic photos, a tripod is essential.

When you use a tripod for outdoor photography and/or nature photography, you need to make sure it can stand the test of various factors. The tripod should be able to withstand long periods of hard use without damage. If the product will break within a few weeks or lock up due to getting wet, then it does not make sense to invest in the product.

Easy to adjust
Last but not least, you don’t want to fumble on clumsy controls. You need a tripod that can be adjusted quickly and easily to avoid missing important shots. The individually adjustable flick lock legs are great. Once you set the tripod to the correct height, the ball head and quick-lift input column can be adjusted quickly.

In summary, I think you can choose a tripod to fully meet your needs.

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