Have heavy stress? Flip Flap flower give you a new vision and new feeling


Flip Flap is a cute flower bud which moves by light. It is also known as a solar energy doll. Solar doll is a popular fashion accessories since 2008, there are many varieties. Even more it is a popular gift product for most enterprises, such as promotional gifts, advertising gifts and so on.

Flip Flap flower is one of solar toys, there is a solar panel behind the Solar doll, it directly converted the sun or the light to solar energy, without any external power supply, environmental protection and health; Put it on the car dashboard, under the influence of solar, the two piece of green thick Run’s Leaves and the center flowers will swing the left and right, very fun. It add a unique vitality and temperament for your car. It also can used as a lovely decoration in office, When you are upset, seeing the fan cheerful apple flower can help you to reduce your decompression, and let the troubles behind.

Cute Flip Flap flower does not require any battery power, it’s same as Solar toys, has solar-powered design, so it is very practical, make it more environmentally friendly, and have no incentive to worry about lack of power, can help you to have a good driving Mood. And it’s a good choice, you do not need to care, only a little light, a new vision, new feeling. The exquisite transparent box is very addictive, Flip Flap flower is the best gift for friends and family, and also are great furnishings for office!

How to use:

★ Placed on the non-slip mat car dashboard, or use double-sided adhesive to fix.
★ Put it in natural light for half a hour, so that doll full uniform energy absorption.
★ Solar flower is not swing all the time, rest is normal, if there is a bit small wind or small vibration, it swinging back up!


Flip Flap is a cute flower bud which moves by light.
★ Flip Flap keeps shaking its Leaves and provides you with a relaxed atmosphere & release your spirit!
★ The funky green leaves sway to the light, bouncing simultaneously.
★ Varying in speed depending on the amount of light it’s receiving
★ A light tap causes it to swing like a see-saw, or alternate its leaf movement!
★ Perpetual Motion! Never Needs Batteries! Powered by Light!

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