Makeup into a sunny beach holiday queen


Summer is approaching, do you remember the happy time of playing in the water? As we know, beach is a cool place of the hot summer days, but also is a place for women showing their sexy body. Prominent body figure swimwear, graceful beach bunny bikini, appropriate accessories, the perfect waterproof makeup … … Not one Less.

Whether accustoming to a feminine of the city, or used to hide in air-conditioned room to maintain modesty. Facing the summer beach, all should throw the armed mask, put aside the heavy layers of hand bound, go toward the the embrace of nature to enjoy the sunshine holidays.

Wear the colorful swimsuit, what is more exciting than this in the summer? How is your mood? whether have fun? It’s depend on the right choice. A fit fashion bikini mini swimsuit may become the driving force encouraging you to run toward the beach. Meet the beginning of the romantic encounter of the sea country … hope you have a happy, funny, romantic summer.

Standard body

Single color bikini is the patent for a good body. A black or white bikini can be exceptionally brilliant on the beach.

Slender girl

Flower pattern Bikini not only can let you become a gorgeous slender beauty bright girl, but also look more plump from the visual.

Flat buttocks of women

The hip skirts bikini not only can beautify buttocks line, but also show the beauty of the leg.

Pacific Princess

Smaller bust size of women can choose the folds chest design and high brightness of the material beach bunny bikini, use the cloth material to increase the overlap being the weight of the chest.

Inverted triangle of women

Shoulders are wider but thigh is thinner beautiful girl can use the boxer boxer-style one-piece body design of swimming make the up and down of body more balance.

Short-legged girl

The one-piece swimsuit use of geometric patterns can make the legs a little visual difference between those who have short legs swimsuit show! High split ends swimsuit also make legs look slender.

Pear-shaped body

If the chest is full and the waist, hips are large pear-shaped figure, you can choose the opening piece bikini mini V-Neck swimwear, but the pattern should be not too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall results.

Romantic beautiful women

Romantic beautiful women can choose the white no piece swimsuit which can not be replaced, tied an apron-type transparent beach clothing, wear a large brimmed straw hat, and put on a pair of slip resistant sandal-scan make you more charming!

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