Star Sky Color Night Light Projector – Enjoy Good Sleep at Night


Does your babies or kids feeling scared when they sleep in a dark room at night. Perhaps they find the staring of the black ceiling fearful, bringing them chills and shivers. Being alone in a dark room warrants fear that many young children face today. However, it is not good to sleep with the lights or radio switched on. What can you do about it?

Don’t worry, I will introduce you a solution, and that cab be Night Light Projector, a perfect tool to address those problems! The color night light projector can projects a starry night sky onto the ceiling and walls of your room, transforming that dark, plain room into an outdoor night sky environment. You can imagine this scene right in front your eyes. Your room now feels like what you read in books or see on television – an unobstructed clear view of the starry night sky with the constellations in plain view.

Night Light Projector

The Night Light Projector is an excellent companion for your kids at night. There is no need to worry about a plain dark room for your kids when they can now enjoy a flurry of stars in their room as though they were skygazing. Not only does it provide the starry night sky feeling, it also allows you to teach your kids about the major constellations in the night sky, like the Orion, so your kids can learn while going to sleep.

Beside projecting a fullscape starry night sky onto the ceiling and walls of your rooms, you also have three great color options – blue, green, and amber to create mystical, tranquil environments. These choices of color have proven to provide better sleep for your kids with its soothing effect.

Star Projector Light is hand-painted and includes a time out function, simple reactivating button, multi-color selection, and 3 triple A batteries. The scale of the project light ensures that you have no problems moving it around your home, or bring it with your overseas, You do not have to worry too much about shortage of energy because it is easy to replace the batteries.

However, do not confuse the night light projector for a plushie. You should not sit on it, nor let your kids cuddle it when they sleep. It has sensitive electronic parts inside its shell and any violent action on it will damage the projector. The projector is irreplaceable, so care must be taken for it. Do not use it as a pillow because it was not designed to be one, and placing heavy objects on its shell may also damage the projector easily.

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