Featured Universal Car Rearview Cameras


The rearview camera has many different kinds universal, professional rear camera.wired ,wireless camera .Universal rear camera we can know from the words that rear camera can works with nearly all the car.Professional rear camera works with a brands of cars or a specified car.

Waterproof CMOS rearview camera with hole saw is designed to be mounted on the rear of your vehicle, such as above the license plate .For small size it makes easy to conceal from view.High-definition and 170 degree wide viewing angle.Applicable to variety of vehicles: car, truck, RV, etc.

A larger one Universal wired rear camera Waterproof CMOS camera .It Supports NTSC/PAL video system , simple and modest design and small size won’t draw any attention..High-definition and 150 degree wide viewing angle.


Mount the camera to your car’s license plate area, back window, or any other suitable place.

Adjust the lens of the camera to its best position.

Connect the yellow video output connector to terminal display device* Connect the power of the camera to your reverse lights (If the camera is intended only for reversing) – red wire to positive and black wire to negative.

License Plate Rearview Camera Sensor Wireless 3.5″ LCD with 2.4GHz wireless A/V transmission.Installation is hidden and beautiful –The camera fixed on the license plate license plate. No damage to car.Car perfect combination.Keeps the car original model elegant.

Install method: Mount the camera on the License plate ,Connect the power of the camera to the reverse lights ,The power of display device insert cigarette lighter, place well display screen ,start the car, hang reverse gears, can show reverse images.

Big camera Camera size: 8 * 7 * 5cm universal one also applicable to big bus ,track.Car RearView camera Waterproof CMOS Camera with IR LED.The camera with Anti fog glass.High-definition and 170 degree wide viewing angle.

Car rear camera is just one of the part of the Car Alarms and Security ,other such as Car DVR ,Backup Reverse Radar Kit,Car Rearview Mirror Monitor,Car Remote Central Lock,Car Alarm Security System.car alarms security system =rear view camera + backup radar kit+rearview minitor ,some product with several functions all in one.More car accessories available in our website.


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