How Take Good Care Digital Watches?

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Summer is approaching, the colors give us the endless charm, depict our unique taste personality. Colorful watches not only accompany the modern people to record their happy time, but also highlights their personality: movement and activities.

Fashion life, in short, it is the sum of “Time” and “respect for”. It is usually mean that people advocates and the pursuit of a high quality of life in a short period of time, then wrist watch has become a lifestyle accessories which must not be less, it is not just a instrument which be worn on the wrist for showing time , but also a symbol of wealth, even more a logo of fashion.May you have purchased a good digital watch for yourself, and very happy for its colorful and fashion, but do you know how to maintain it? How long it will service for you?

Normally a circadian timing error of digital watches is less than one second in the temperature of 25 ~ 28 ℃, when the temperature to below 0 ℃ or above 50 ℃, every day and night will be slower two seconds. Temperatures up to 60 ° C, LCD panels will be black, the temperature dropped below 0 ℃, the LCD panels will be lost to show the effect, so that by winter, digital watches only can be worn on the wrist to keep it the normal timing by the body’s thermostat. In addition, high temperatures or too low temperature will cause battery leakage and corrosion movement.

The battery of digital watches are generally available for more than a year, but the power consumption of lighting is very big, the power consumption of brighting open a second equivalent of timing is more than one hour. When the battery is finished, the lights become dim, or in the open digital display will be dimmed or even disappear.When replacing batteries, if you do not understand the repairing technique, you should ask the repair shops to install it. Battery specifications are not standardized, various grades of battery, so can not be free to use.

At last, electronic watches, especially the digital electronic watches, the waterproof performance is very poor. While there is the world” waterproof” in the manual, you still should try to avoid contact with water. The structure of electronic watches is different between mechanical watches, it’s made by electronic circuits and electronic components, in case the water goes into, it would be “catastrophic”, the whole watches will be scrapped.

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