This LED Light Will Make Your Works Look More Professional

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If you have a Canon or Panasonic camera, this LED light can be really suitable for you. Do you want to know more about it? Follow me, please.

This LED light consists of 160 pieces highlighted LEDs, so it can work with really mighty power and also balanced luminance. You can use it when you take photos, take DVs, etc. If you do not need such mighty light intensity, don’t worry, the light intensity can be changed to provide you professional effects. It is matched with a diffuser and two filters, they are orange and blue, so with them, you can adjust the color temperature of the light as you need.

It is matched with fixing screws, the illumination direction of this LED lighting is also adjustable. So you can adjust its direction as you need, too. It comes with shoe adapter, it can be used to connect the LED lighting and camera apparatus. So before you start taking picture or video, you can insert hot shoe of this LED light on base of hot shoe of camera or camcorder, turn on the LED video lighting, then you can start picture or video taking.

And you need not worry if it will be power off suddenly, it has a function to indicate the present power level. When it is power off, you can charge the Panasonic SD lithium battery with its adapter. Maybe you need to have it work for a really long time, it doesn’t matter, this LED lighting is suitable for Panasonic SD lithium battery, Sony lithium battery FH, FM and F. So you can buy them as your spare batteries.

Taking photos or video with this LED light will make your works look more professional.


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