A Trip to Qingyuan – Exciting Drifting in Huanglongxia Valley


One-day trip to Guangdong Province Qingyuan City , which was organized by Tomtop company, started from the small auction in the coach, the banquet in boat along the Beijiang River, and the visit at Home Around Marshroom Garden. Though this series of programs were quite joyable, they still couldn’ t give us enough excitement. Now the most exciting drifting in Huanglongxia Valley began. Let’ s see how our staff prepared for it.

Look, what a cool pose Mr. Seng had made! He behaved just as if he was going to join the guerilla. Then, let’ s turn our sight to a women colleague and see how she got her dressed.

Wow, she had more weapon. She got a ladle. What was the function of this ladle? Was it used to hold water for drinking or take water out of the boat? In fact, it was far more useful.

See? Mr. Liu was using it to attack others.

Look at this woman. She was busying wiping the water thrown on her.

This man was aiming at the camera with his giant. He wanted to attack the photographer, didn’ t he?

Well, this man behaved better. He wanted the photographer took more pictures for him.

During the drifting, the river water ran rapidly and its drop level was large. The coming boats were moving as water ran. People burnt to cry.

Finally came to a calm area, however, no one stopped to take a break. They kept on playing with water, using water to attack others and receiving punishment from others.

It seemed that it was raining heavily.

Look at her. How pleased she was!

Let’ s turn to this pretty woman. She was making a  “Yeah”  gesture with her fingers.

The exciting drifting in Huanglongxia Valley ended with laughter and cries. It lasted for an hour and more. All our staff went to dress the dry clothes brought by them. However, there still had a program , exploration up to the mountains. Due to the consideration of time and tiredness, we finally agreed to give up exploration. Though we felt a little regretful, we satisfied very much so far.  Just see us making our most charming and beautiful smile before the camera.

One-day’ s relaxation ended with the wanderful drifting. On the way back, all of our staff were exhausted. We quickly fell asleep . Since we knew that tomorrow was another tense and busy day , we had to keep our energy and vigor back.

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