The winner of General Manager Special Award


In order to encourage staff, to mobilize everyone’s work ardor and the awareness of competition,TOMTOP company set up an award called” General Manager Special Award”, this is the highest award of TOMTOP company, so the prize-winner must be a very excellent person. the new of General Manager Special Award has awarded at November 27, 2010, the award winner is PengZhengWei, which comes from Sales Department. Let’s have an interview PengZhengWei.

Editor: At first, please tell us about the contents of your daily work?
PengZhengWei: OK, I’ll summarize in one sentence: the contents of my daily work are managing my shop, coordinating with customer service and purchasing agent, selling the products in EBAY.
Editor: I hear that you always work overtime to 7:00pm or 8:00pm, what’s your family’s opinion about this? Do they think it is unreasonable?
PengZhengWei: In fact, In the work, reasonable is the exercise and unreasonable is the temper. In Shenzhen, My family is all Members of TOMTOP company, After work, basically I am a person living alone, so I think my work required reasonable overtime, and also will not affect the others.
Editor:Do you encounter problems at work, how do you solve it?
PengZhengWei: EBAY saleser, I’m a newer, I have never done anything in this field. Since accepted this post,gradually it become familiar from unfamiliar. Therefore, I met many difficulties in this adaptation process, but under the help of the leadership and my colleagues, those difficulties have been solved. The most impressive is that I took this account(homegarden ) less than a month, the account is restricted a month,I was feeling a lot of pressure at that time,I was very confused,I think maybe because I was due to mismanagement, so I have to take it back, I should make it getting right, and goes well, So I get together with my colleagues to a variety of ways to remedy,when we can’t be publish new goods, I refresh the existing products, and regulate methods again, my colleagues are also help me to reply our guests, remove the downside comments,and solve the dispute. At last, Through our efforts,this account get right again, our achievement is kept down. But we never dare to relax,because Sales post is very challenge,may encounter difficulties at any time, so we should get ready to fight them,Only continuous efforts, we may will have a better performance.
Edior:As we all know, our company leaders appreciate your hard working attitude, how do you think of it?
PengZhengWei:I regard my job as important as my life,But I won’t co-doping between the two emotions.For my job,I just want to do my best.I hope that through my own efforts to challenge myself, I haven’t expect other things, I only put it as fun for my job. I’m very honored to win the award. In fact,There are many talented and committed people in our company, and their achievement are outstanding. When Compared with them, I’m sitill the early stages, so I think I don’t qualify to get this reward,But I will make it as a encourage,I will make more efforts, and actively strive better performance in my job.

Postscript: During the interview, I saw that Peng Zhengwei loved her work, she put the company as her home, something the company as their own things at home, in order to do their own home, she will go all out. this “the company as home” spirit is worth to learn for every employee in TOMTOPcompany. In addition, she thanked the leadership of the company’s recognition of her work, she felt this company’s award not only encourages the establishment of such healthy competition between employees, and also motivate the staff courage and give us more confidence!

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