A Trip to Qingyuan – Home Around Mushroom Garden


After enjoying delicious food at Beijiang, we came to the next destination – Home Around Mushroom Garden. Home Around is the leading enterprise in Guangdong Province, and business involves ganoderma tea, ganoderma wine, Agrocybe aegerita, black fungus, etc. We visited all kinds of mushrooms specimens and knew cultivation technology. Then we watched spotted deer and milu deer (scientific name: Elaphurus davidianus). At last, we tasted ganoderma tea for free. Now follow me to experience our Mushroom Garden tour.

visit Mushroom garden

Let’s find out the secret of ganoderma


Cultivated ganoderma

The King of Mushroom

The King of Mushroom


Various mushrooms specimens – ganoderma

the best choice for health preserving

Deer had been the best choice for health preserving since Ancient time.

deer enjoy sunshine

Deer sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine

Deer antler (Lurong) is the young pilose antler of male Cervus and it’s considered an important component of herbal medicine. Deer antler has a good effect to promote virility, replenish vital essence and blood, and strengthen the tendons and bones, etc.

milu deer

Legendary milu deer – Horse head, deer antler, donkey tail, ox hoof

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