EMAX BabyHawk-R Race FPV Racing Drone BNF Quadcopter, Save $10 Now

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EMAX BabyHawk-R Race FPV Racing Drone BNF Quadcopter,, Save $10 at

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Emax BabyHawk is a very popular brushless mini FPV 4-axis drone. So now the new version of the Emax BabyHawk-R Racing Edition is a dazzling upgrade to the Emax BabyHawk. Let’s take a look at the new Emax BabyHawk R, and you can see the unique charm of this done! Emax BabyHawk-R It’s a technical extension of what it looks almost like BabyHawk does. Although they have similar names, really do not use the design and function,

Larger, with an adjustable angle camera and a thick carbon fiber frame. The 112 mm-sized carbon fiber frame is 3 mm thick. Its camera also changes to a CCD 650 TVL 40-channel, an adjustable-angle camera that allows switching between VTX and capturing images of different angles in the air. Emax BabyHawk-R can use 3-4S batteries, no propeller protection. Its design looks very sharp, unlike the upright design of a fixed BabyHawk.

EMAX BabyHawk Race

You can use BabyHawk-R with Frsky D8 receiver and plug and play together. This is not the gentle 2S BabyHawk, but a four-axis drone that can fly on 3S or 4S. It goes out of storage DShot up to 600, you will have enough time to show your flying style.

EMAX BabyHawk Race

EMAX BabyHawk Race

Well, let’s summarize some of the features of BabyHawk-R:

FPV system

More pilots prefer the CCD because it can better resist the “jello” in your flight video and handle high-contrast lighting. BabyHawk R-650TVL mini CCD camera, can be adjusted according to different lighting conditions. – With LED information display and 25 / 200mw switchable transmission power, 40-channel 5.8g VTX with adjustable camera position on top and driver adjustable track speed and size.

Power Systems

BabyHawk R’s leading new Avan 2 “four-bladed propeller paired with the Emax RS1106 6000kv brushless motor for stable control and high-speed driving while featuring the new Magnum Mini tower system


BabyHawk-R is made of impact-resistant plastic cover and lightweight carbon fiber frame, its strong arm, and lower profile arm can reduce the flight resistance. Integrated flight controller vibration attenuation system to make the flight more stable and smooth.

EMAX BabyHawk Race

Everyone wants to enjoy the charm of the blue sky and see the unseen style before so BabyHawk-R will be your best choice, it will bring the thrill of the flying experience.

EMAX BabyHawk Race

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