DIY Kongming Wooden Lock Educational Assembly Puzzle Toy Windmills

kongming lock, according to legend the Three Kingdoms period of Zhuge Liang invented the principle of metaphysics according to gossip a toy, had been widely spread in the community. In recent years, they gradually get people’s attention, its relaxing, developing brain, nimble fingers are good, is the ages of recreational toys. kongming lock looks simple, but in the infinite mystery, but to no avail, it is difficult to complete mosaic.(educational puzzle

Puzzles ancient and traditional Chinese intellectual game, a long history, victory is not bad for a long time, has many subtle mathematical theory and physical principles. Even in a short time apart is difficult to fight back. Small but significantly shape people’s IQ test.(puzzle toys

Adult Intelligence Toys popular coastal areas, in today’s society, children have not only a patent, according to research 40% of adults love adult toys, intellectual toys to play with a certain degree of difficulty, it is necessary to minds, but also have patience, especially for adult play. With the accelerated pace of life, adults need a positive way of recreation and rest to relieve the pressure of work, toys also naturally into the adult life. It allows us curious about the world; it let us return to childhood; it make us smarter, more confident; it makes us forget the troubles of life. Many people think that playing with educational toys will also help family harmony. Toys to play with the whole family sat, each member of the family was very warm. Psychologists also believe that this helps to narrow the psychological distance between family members. Other studies have found that playing puzzles could greatly reduce the symptoms of menopause, and to promote young people’s intellectual breeding. “According to the British Royal Academy of Sciences study, educational toys used to play Chengren people who do not play than the average IQ of about 11 points higher, especially for open brain thinking ability has improved greatly, it is an excellent means of training British educators, educational toys as a plan to develop in students a course of intelligence.

American medical experts Laolun Si. Dan Vladimir study found that adults aged 50 years educational toys to play someone who is the incidence of dementia in the general population only 32% of adults age 40 to play before the people who will benefit Toys Alzheimer incidence rate of only 12% of the general population, and educational toys from childhood who started playing the incidence of the general population incidence of less than 1%. Some other medical experts have found that in patients with mild dementia of adult play with educational toys to play can slow or even prevent the development of infatuation, a small number of patients have some degree of mental recovery.(wooden lock

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