Dance With LED T Shirts !


As weather is getting hotter and hotter, all kinds of cool and fashion T shirts are showed in many super malls. Shirts are perfectly designde for girls and T shirts are mainly produced for both boys and girls. Here now we will talk about the LED T shirts. LED T shirt is one of the symbols in digital times. Its highlight is that it displays digital messages across our chest and responds to the music beats. Such product not only looks sleek and cool, but also offers visual rhythm guide to us. They have made a hit with all of the fashion lovers.

LED T shirt

Actually, I am looking forward a Disco party that all wearing Sound Activated Flashing LED T-Shirts. That will be so fashion and cool. Equalizer music t-shirts have built in sound sensitive spectrum analyzers which could enable themselves to respond to the beats of the music. The picture on the LED clothes could flash and light according to the frequency, sound and sound volume of the music being played. You will be the highlight or focus when put a special designed LED shirts on. Don’t you wanna to try ?

LED clothes

LED clothes give off light even the electricity quantity is very low. The light it gives off is well distributed and mild. There is no flicker during use, so we seldom feel uncomfortable in our eyes. All LED T shirts are made of cotton and washable.

Some tips for Wash care:

Remove all accessories (EL panel, battery and control box, and batteries) before wash;

Wash with like colors;

Machine wash cold;

Hand wash separately;

Do not bleach;

Do not iron on panels;

Do not dry clean;

Do not tumble dry;

Do not leave to soak.

LED shirt

Last year, I have seen most boys and girls are wearing LED shoelaces and T shirts on the street at night, They are really attractive and cool. You can also image that you and your lover wearing a couple LED T shirt. How nice and interesting ! I just these LED clothes are quite suitale for Disco party or dancing on stage. When music on, you are the king! Dance with LED T shirts and enjoy yourself.


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