LED lights make your car more eye-catching


Car owners may spend a lot of time in car ,so i have a question to ask .Do you want to decorate your loved car to make it more eye-catching and abundant your car life ?

For the feature of environmental protection and energy saving, Led is an new and promising energy also governments supported.led products is a fashion.Here we choose the led car lights as an example to see the charm of led .

car with led lights in facebook welcome to see .

Led car lights has many kinds ,here we choose three popular ones for your reference.

First one strip,the Larger strip as mentioned 120CM 60/90/120 SMD led Car Under-body Strip light Make your car more eye-catching with the fantastic flexible strip of 60 super bright long lasting blue SMD LED lights.The light has an adhesive strip on the back and can be used anywher on your vehicle.They are can been sticked on Motorbike Exterior, front grille, license plate, rear trunk, vehicle body, under car body, interior etc. Just fully exert your design talent,want to stick where all can be!!!

Short one 12V 24cm 24 LED strip made with PVC coating for more durable and flexible Waterproof so it can be use in both interior and exterior environment. Transparent coating with super bright LED to provide more eye catching neon effect when lit up. Can uses in car, motorcycle, boat, electric toys, computers, home theater, also uses for Indoor/outdoor path lighting, external lighting for camera, under cabinet lighting, stage lights, billboard lighting, fish tank,etc .

Then try the 20 LED SMD 5050 Dome Door Box Panel Light.This one can make your interior car more bright.Easy to install, we will send the free double side adhesive for you to install it, just peel and stick.Universal design suitable to many kinds of car.

More is available such as bulbs ,strips .As your taste ,you can match different colors and kinds of strips,bulbs to decorated your loving car.They are LED Brake Light Lamp, LED Light Windscreen Washer, Car Tire Flash Light Wheel Lamp ,led strips,LED Car Indicator Light Bulb,LED Turn Signal Light Lamp,LED Car Brake Stop bulb,LED Daytime Running Light DRL Kit,Dome Door Box Panel Light,etc,pls try and design your car now.It will be a big difference after decoration and a visual feast.


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