Choose A Wonderful Curling Iron To Make Your Hair More Charming


Who doesn’t love a full head of gorgeous luscious curls? Yes, everybody likes. A curling iron helps you curl your hair and lets you look salon-fresh in a matter of minutes. This is great especially when you have a special party to attend or a romantic evening planned out with your partner. Just like a flat iron used to straighten hair, a curling iron is a heat styling device that will beautifully achieve an opposite effect if used correctly. This curling iron from tomtop can absolutely satisfy your desire for beauty and fashion. In addition, it cost less and can do it by yourself.

There are many curling iron types for you to choose. If you have short or fine hair and want to create an illusion of volume, you should go in for small, tight curls. Select an iron with a smaller barrel size of 0.75 inch. If you want curls to be a little larger and more natural, select a 1 inch barrel size. If you want to create cascading waves, rather than curls, choose an iron with a large barrel of 1.5 – 2 inch length. This curling iron from tomtop is not fit for too short hairs.

Next, i will tell you how to use this Ceramic curling iron and protect your hail

First, Temperature Settings

  1. Select an iron with adjustable temperature settings.
  2. If your hair is very thick and coarse or hard to manage, it needs higher heat of around 400 degrees F to curl effectively. Then this kind is not fit for you
  3. Normal hair should be worked on slowly from lower temperatures of 190-250) and may be built up only if curls don’t hold up.
  4. Thinning, fine hair, chemically treated, colored or damaged hair should use lesser heat.
  5. Use lesser heat while touching up curls.

Second, Prepare Your Hair

  1. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Blow-dry it completely as wet hair will make for limp poorly-formed curls.
  2. Use a heat protective serum before curling to avoid heat damage.
  3. De-tangle hair with a wide tooth comb.

Third, Setting Your Curls

  1.  After you are done, set it in place with a holding spray to preserve the curls for a longer time.
  2. Now you may remove the bobby pins, and arrange the curls around with fingers for the desired effect.

Forth, Protect Your Hair & Equipment

  1. Any kind of heat damages your hair over time, so deep condition your hair regularly and use moisturizing shampoo to restore lost moisture.
  2. Curling irons of all materials tend to heat up. Store them in a heat proof pouch. Clean it with appropriate cleaning solvents to ensure a longer life for its plates.

That’s all i want to say. If you have some other information needed to add, you can leave messages. This hail curling iron is really good and wins many good comments from customers. The reasons why it is favored by so many customers are that it has good quality and low price. I think it’s a useful tool for many girls and women.

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