Google Android 4.0 TV Box Experience


Time is even better with Google TV box. Your TV will not only be a simple TV, you can find what you want to find in amazing and powerful Google Android TV box. Google TV is a new experience that combines TV, the entire web, and apps. All updates are free of charge; The latest apps are featured in Android Market.This Google TV box is using Amlogic Cortex A9 1GHz CPU with Android 4.0 operating system, built-in WiFi and Ethernet connection, supporting wire and wireless networking access.

google TV box

Google box supports Google Chrome Web browser, USB external portable hard disk drive, wireless keyboard, USB mouse, etc. Watch shows at your leisure: Google TV box will access thousands of shows when you want with with Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, & morea (subscriptions and home grocery delivery may be required). You may think YouTube is better from the comfort of your couch,so are the numerous other video sites you will enjoy with Google TV. Get streaming videos from Vimeo, Redux, Daily Motion and more. Remember to blink occasionally.

android box

Sound system will sing in Google TV box. With Google Android box, it’s not just music to your ears. It’s music to your eyes. Create a personal radio station with Pandora, Slacker Radio, or Napster. Stream your personal music collection. Watch music videos with Vevo or YouTube. Relive your favorite moments in big screen brilliance with Android TV box. View photos from sites like Picasa and Flickr. Watch your own videos. Remember the best moments caught on camera with family and friends. Enjoy every detail on your HDTV.

TV box

More apps for TV from Google box Play. Your smartphone may have many apps. Now new times come and your TV also comes with so many multifunctinal apps too. Google Play brings fresh apps for your TV, with more added all the time. Now if only it had sandwiches. Google TV provide you the capability of all-in-one entertainment box for your big TV screen.




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  2. Hey there! Thanks for the sub!I’m not sure about stylus I’d have to do some resecrah I actually haven’t even attempted visiting YouTube on the device yet, but I will and I’ll let you know Web browsing is pretty good. Better than I thought it might be!And, I really don’t know of a way to download extra games, but I’m sure that there is a way!Sorry about me not knowing alot about my own device, I just haven’t really used it lately! I’m sure you’ll make a good investment though!

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