Xiaomi Mi band 4 AMOLED Color Screen Wristband

The sequel to the recently released Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is under development

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In June, Xiaomi launched Mi Band 4, which is one of the few millet products sold in the United States. The Mi Band series has been very popular since its launch in 2014, thanks to the combination of low price and practical functions. Xiaomi sold 23.3 million Mi Band 3 last year, enough to meet 13.5% of the portable device market. This makes Mi Band 3 the second most popular portable device in the world after Apple Watch. The Mi Mi Mi 4 adds color to its 0.95-inch screen (with a resolution of 120 x 240) and the device can be purchased at Wal-Mart for $ 35.99. Only eight days after its market launch, more than one million Mi Band 4 units were playing.

The company that built Mi Band is Huami, the world’s largest manufacturer of portable devices. According to Wearable, the manufacturer has already worked on Mi Band 5. Humei founder, president and CEO Wang Huang revealed this at the company’s second quarter conference call. When asked if Huamei plans to cooperate with Xiaomi, the executive replied: “We are actually working with Xiaomi to develop Mi Band 5.” So, this is not a leak or a rumor. My Band 5 is in development and Wang said it could be launched at the end of next year.

Mi Band 5 may have an electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor

The Mi Band 4 tracks the user’s physical activity, such as biking, running, swimming and walking, and can control music streaming for paired smartphones (iOS or Android). Although Huami does not intend to reveal the new features of Mi Band 5, we can assume that they may contain some characteristics of rumors that do not make Mi Band 4. The most important of these is an electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor that can be atrial fibrillation or an abnormal heartbeat caused by AFib. This can lead to stroke, blood clots, heart failure and death. The first feature introduced in the Apple Watch Series 4, which was also recently released by Samsung Discovery Galaxy Watch Active 2 (although the FDA has not yet approved it on Sammy’s new watch). Huami already has experience with ECG monitors and is already included in Amazfit Verge2. We should note that the FDA has not certified the ECG monitor on the Amazfit watch.

You may wonder if it is worth buying Mi Band 4 when planning the next version. Given the price, there is no reason not to pick up Mi Band 4 immediately. Although Huamei said he is working with Xiaomi to launch the next model, who knows what will happen next year. Meanwhile, you can track your activity, see your heart rate and control your sleep (this is something that Apple Watch does not have). Mi Band 4 can also be used as a stopwatch, alarm clock and timer. It is compatible with phones with Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 9.0 and higher.

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