800DPI JetTech Microphone + Speaker VOIP Phone Optical Mouse


Two-way 2.4G Wireless USB Optical Mouse JetTech 5D, in the mouse at the top, and a resolution toggle button, you can switch between 500CPI and 1000CPI. Without restarting the mouse or the computer. Very easy to use.

This section by using the new mouse model for the Chinese staff designed, ergonomic, transmission distance, as used in the mainstream of today’s 2.4G wireless devices wireless transmission frequency can fully use up to 10 meters operating distance.(Jet Tech Mouse

A variety of colors, if not specified colors, shipped randomly!

The figure is not a pure blue color is the color purple with a partial, personal view that in-kind more pretty!

Actual use, we found very comfortable in hand, it is fitting hand type. Key stress is moderate, did not find the feeling of tired hands. Design on the left side forward / back button, the ordinary use of these keys is not very good, often the two buttons we press time. Because the buttons are too hard, will drive with the whole mouse, and only the mouse buttons are very comfortable, not too tight nor too loose. This ensures that the occasional error will not touch the page caused by change.(JetTech Optical Mouse

Usage: this mouse comes with the receiver, no driver, no need to code, specific steps as follows:
1, open the battery compartment, put into a AA battery, pay attention to the positive and negative;
2, tap the bottom of the white arrow, receiver pops up, mouse red light, the receiver into the computer USB port, pay attention to the receiver with the USB interface, contact is good, if inserted, the receiver starts flashing lights, and the right on the computer screen found new hardware under the horn tips;
3, after waiting 3-5 seconds, the mouse arrow appears in the display, the mouse began to work;
4, press the mouse button front DPI, 1000 or 500DPI resolution can be adjusted to achieve the required resolution of the customer;
5, the end of the mouse, can be 2-3 seconds off the bottom of the mouse small dots

Style very comfortable in hand, it is fitting hand type. Key stress is moderate, did not find the feeling of tired hands. Back panels can be removed gently drag the case to install battery, USB interface.(800DPI JetTech Optical Mouse)


# USB Interface
# Mini USB Receiver
# 2.4G wireless digital radio technology
# Longest operating distance: 10 meters
# Automatically locked on code technology
# Mouse of the code memory technology, no need to reinstall the battery on the code
# 800/1600DPI, designed to switch DPI
# Ergonomic shape design, suitable for Asians use
# Mouse Power Switch
Two AAA batteries # VII
Low power alarm function #

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