DIY False Finger Nails


Just as the common saying ” The hands shows a woman.” So, how to make our hands to be looked younger, fashionable and beautiful? How about use this DIY false finger nails? I bought these finger nails from last week for my wedding. I do love it,especially its rose design. TOMTOP always give me surprise.

nail tips

Nail tips whose color matches the color of one’s dress and the occasion utmost important. False finger nails can give you the look of having perfect nails. Many women love having long artificial finger nails as they help make them feel pretty, and it can be hard work trying to grow natural long finger nails. Fake nails can be a great way to help you stop nail biting, once they are on,you definitely don’t want to go and nibble on your beautiful finger nails.

false finger nails

Most women will have their false finger nails done at a nail salon, others not. So, With a little bit of practice and patience you will get the hang of it, and be able to do your own perfect nails for that special night out! This 24pcs false finger nails suit with glue is the best DIY nail product your should not miss. What you need to do is simple: Frist, make the glue on the finger nail about 10 seconds, Then, put it on your nails, gently press 5 seconds. That’s all. Really crazing, isn’t it?

finger nails

Nail design is an art and if done perfectly it will certainly enhance the look of the nails and the person as a whole. False finger nails can enhance natural fingernails and hide unsightly nails. I can even guess the surprising of so pretty nails from people on my wedding. Now, TOMTOP offer 11% off of this DIY false nails! Only needs 3.43usd, you can get this rose design airbrush false finger nails suit with glue. Do not miss it, just buy it.





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