Star sky Sweetheart Projector lamp


Do not think that as long as looking up the sky at night, then you can get the star. Catching the star is a very easy thing in the past, but in modern society, looking at the stars become a very rare thing. Now propose marriage or praying, don’t need to go to the mountain or the sea , do not need to Crowded in the observatory to watch the meteor shower, now at home on it! Now children live in city, which is a very strong light pollution, serious air pollution Environment, may not only how long they did not see the beautiful stars, but even have not seen this scene. Have you thought about enjoy the ethereal sky in your own room?(Star lover Projector lamp)

Night Light Projector Speaker Lamp can help you achieve this dream. Home Star Projector, using the projection technology, putting the paid within the universe of Star chart projector on the roof of your home, the projector can be seen about ten thousand bright stars! The projector on the roof aligned the real time movement of the stars of the sky, except the ceiling,it also can be projected on the wall, these stars can create some more romantic for you !

Star projection light, when it off the light, and reach the walls, it will change into the night sky full of stars, and letting the bedroom to change into the stars quiet night sky, and become very comfortable. Creating a wonderful, quiet environment, with it, you can create a very romantic environment.

If you have a child, who is an avid fan of stars, all day arguing with the night sky you see, please buy this Star Projector(baby night light projector), starting from the assembly, to the final shape, you can tell your children, the stars are very good looking, loaded it up should move a little brains. If you have a girlfriend, who pestering you to make a romantic surprise for her every day, but you have no idea, then please buy Four Seasons Star Projector. But secretly you want to assemble yourself, and then invited her to come home one day and saw a roomful of stars two of you turn around, she’ll be happy to give you a kiss. If you and your wife was very plain, not the fresh stuff is always to stimulate your nerves. If so, please buy Amazing Star Projector, 20-year-old Kara is always OK, 30-year-old Latin dance floor shine, 40-year-old can finally stop and take a good look with the constellation of the stars of the beautiful to the simple life, brought a little color.

Give children a freedom to the beautiful sky, so they use their own imagination to weave a dream! Let us find the Lunar New Year Star pattern, trace more romance.

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