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[Evaluation] Feiyu AK2000 Camera Stabilizer Play at Infinite Roll + Movies

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Shooting movies often have to face the picture when shaking, in addition to the use of a tripod, for some need for special lens motion pictures, there must be a lot of different stabilizers. This time, the author has found the main FeiyuTech AK2000, what is the actual effect? Let the author introduce it to everyone.


  • The price is flat
  • Easy touch screen control
  • Comes with a tripod
  • The picture is stable enough to do Infinite Roll

– Strength needs to be adjusted by itself

The maximum load weight is 2.8 KG.
As a professional-grade stabilizer, you need to use different lenses and cameras. Negative weight is definitely a big focus. This stabilizer can carry a maximum load of 2.8KG, which is quite sufficient for most users. However, under the actual measurement of the author, if the user uses different weights of the camera and lens, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the stabilizer has unusual vibration, if any, the factory said that the stabilizer is too strong. The user needs to enter the load setting, adjust the different fineness, and the user needs to pay attention.

▲ Feiyu AK2000 can carry a maximum load of 2.8kg, which is quite enough for most general users.

▲The stabilizer is solid enough and feels stable.

▲ This time I used the Sony A7 III as a measuring camera with a FE 28mm F2.0 fixed-focus lens.

▲The two 1/4-inch screw holes are hidden on the stabilizer for the user to install different accessories.

▲ If the stabilizer has unusual vibration, you need to enter the load setting to set the strength of the stabilizer.

▲Because of the high intensity, unusual vibrations will occur, so choosing a lighter force will prevent this.

▲ The app can also control Motor Strength, with multiple different strengths.

Touch screen is easy to control
The control of a stabilizer is very important, especially for a device that is already quite heavy. FeiyuTech AK2000 features a touch screen design that allows most of the operating options to be controlled on the screen. When I measured the measurement, I thought that the position of the touch screen was quite good. I could hold the stabilizer behind the other hand, and the other hand could completely control the touch screen on the stabilizer. It is definitely a very important and user-friendly design.

▲The stabilizer uses a touch screen, which is quite convenient to operate.

▲There are shortcut keys at the rear, which can be controlled to return to the center.

▲The stabilizer also has a four-way rocker that can control different camera directions.

Beveled design does not block the shooting screen
In the past, some stabilizers, when installed on the camera, have problems blocking the camera screen, so that during the shooting process, it is difficult to watch the shooting picture, and this time the Feiyu AK2000 adopts the upper bevel. The design makes the camera screen no longer blocked, and the user can more easily see the picture without having to “estimate”.

▲The stabilizer is designed with a beveled corner that no longer blocks the camera’s screen.

▲There is a tripod accessory attached below the stabilizer, which is absolutely more convenient for use and setting.

Connect the application to carefully control the speed of the gimbal
Most of today’s electronic pan/tilt can be connected to applications, and the Feiyu AK2000 can also use the app to adjust the stabilizer’s different angles and fine-tune the stabilizer settings. As long as the user installs the FeiYu On application, they can use the Bluetooth control stabilizer. After the pen test, the stabilizer connection process is quite convenient. Just select AK2000 in the application and turn on the stabilizer power. The stabilizer is visible on the application and the connection is quite fast.

▲As long as you select AK2000 on the application, you will see the Bluetooth option whenever you turn on the stabilizer.

▲In addition to the movement of the stabilizer, it is possible to fine tune the different settings of the stabilizer.

Can do Infinite roll
 The stabilizing effect of the picture and the special lens mirror are definitely the main use of the stabilizer. The author has tried to use the stabilizer for walking, running, Infinite roll and other different lenses, the picture performance is also quite stable, no longer see the situation of the screen shaking, absolutely make the film feel greatly increased.

▲Infinite roll function is quite interesting, and users can create more different creative lenses.

▲ When walking, the stabilizer screen is absolutely more stable.

▲ When running, the performance of the picture is quite stable.

▲ In addition to the general measurement, users can also use the Feiyu AK2000 for different creative lenses.

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