Haylou RS3 Smart Watch Review

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From computers to smart phones, from cars to smart homes, technology has penetrated into our daily lives. The development of science and technology has brought great convenience to our lives. No matter when and where, we now like to carry technology. Scientific researchers who understand this trend are constantly transforming the size, weight and function of smartphones. Later, people’s pockets became important. Mobile phones gradually replaced many tasks that need to be done on computers. Now only watches are improving, they are smaller and easier to carry than mobile phones, they don’t take up any space and are gradually enhanced, in addition to recording time, it also includes phone calls, text messages, browsing emails, editing text, taking pictures, listening to music, recording tracks, and so on.

The design of Haylou RS3 Smart Watch is fascinating. Haylou RS3 stood out among many competing products and won the IAI Global Design Award (Intelligent Manufacturing): IAI Fashion Design Gold Award. This award is one of the most internationally influential and prestigious design awards in the Asia-Pacific region and even in the world.

Haylou RS3 is a new slim and large-screen watch. In terms of appearance design, Haylou RS3 is equipped with a 1.2-inch AMOLED high-definition touch screen, a 2.5D curved borderless dial, and a 1.2-inch AMOLED high-definition touch screen with a resolution of up to 390*390ppi. Compared with the traditional LCD screen, the RS3 screen has a wider viewing angle, and it is more excellent in color saturation and restoration ability. The Haylou RS3 watch frame uses aluminum alloy, which is light and comfortable to wear, and elegant.

More professional and accurate sports settings, Haylou RS3 is equipped with Sony’s low-power GPS module, which can accurately locate the trajectory in real-time. Preset 14 sports modes, support 50-meter swimming-level waterproof performance, more powerful waterproof function, even if the rainstorm invades, underwater activity is possible. Whether it is climbing, cycling, boating, swimming, etc., mainstream sports are supported. In addition to setting a quick start button for exercise mode, it can also track different exercise types and record exclusive exercise data. For example, personal trainers provide professional exercise reports.

Haylou RS3 Smart Watch built-in four optical heart rate sensors, with professional intelligent heart rate algorithm, provides 24-hour heart rate monitoring. During sleep, it can automatically monitor sleep status, record sleep data, and analyze sleep stage and time. In addition to supporting 24-hour heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring, blood sample saturation detection is also added to detect blood oxygen levels anytime and anywhere.

Haylou RS3 Smart Watch has built-in multifunctional NFC, which supports bus card, entrance guard card and Alipay scan code payment. At the same time, it can also synchronize various information reminders of the mobile phone, customize the dial wallpaper, control the mobile phone music playback, pause, cut song, and search for the mobile phone.

In terms of battery life, Haylou RS3 can last for 15 days in the basic usage mode with 24-hour heart rate monitoring turned off, and can last for 7 days in the daily usage mode with normal heart rate.

Haylou RS3 has greatly upgraded the functions of the smart watches, in addition to the built-in Sony high-precision GPS, it also allows you to go out and exercise without a mobile phone. It has the strongest AMOLED screen. The waterproof function is upgraded again, IP69 allows you to wear to swim, with the strongest AMOLED screen.

Haylou RS3 smartwatch sold more than one million in just 14 minutes on the day it went on sale. Haylou RS3 creatively combines simple appearance and fashion with rich smart health technology, giving the smart watch a new mission: The one worn on the wrist is not only a portable work secretary, but also a health management steward.

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