MIIIW Game Mouse that makes you feel more [hot]

MIIIW Game Mouse that makes you feel more “hot”

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Always looking for a gaming mouse

As computers become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. The mouse also gradually appears more and more subdivisions. For designers, for gaming games … even FPS and MOBA gamers have different pursuits for the mouse.

But it is undeniable that the vast majority of ordinary people like me use a mouse all the time (certainly not because of poverty). Therefore, I have been looking for a gaming mouse in my hand, which can not only meet my needs for playing different games, but also adapt to various daily tasks.

I just recently saw the trial of MIIIW Game Mouse at Jigou.com, and I quickly applied for a trial. I didn’t expect it to pass. Thanks to Jiguo! Let ’s take a look at this “Xiaomijia” gaming mouse together!

Eye-catching appearance, actually “hidden mystery”?

The large “700G” on the box is very impressive. At different angles, different rainbow colors will appear. It reminds me of the “streamer color” that many mobile phone back shells were popular some time ago.

To be honest, this “700G” made me startled when I saw it. Does this mouse weigh 700 grams?

Facts have proved that I worry about it. This mouse weighs only 146.6 grams and is very light in hand. When you want to play games and move the mouse quickly, it will be very smooth.

This mouse is also equipped with eight 2.3-gram weight blocks, so many combinations of weight blocks may be to satisfy more people’s choices. Whether it is a little girl or a muscular man, it can be used smoothly.

The mouse’s main button is made of sweat-resistant and non-slip skin-friendly material, and the body is wrapped with soft rubber, which is very comfortable to touch.

Even if you play the game to the nervous place, your fingers are very hard, and there will be no pressure.

The MIIIW mouse has 4 light effect areas and 5 light effect modes.

In addition to the common “Always On”, “Breathing”, and “Carousel” modes, there are also “shooting” and “furious” modes that I like very much.

After switching to “Furious” mode through the computer software, the light effect of the mouse will gradually change the light effect color according to the click frequency of the player.

The higher the click frequency, the hotter the color becomes. I have been fighting for 20 years at a single hand speed and successfully clicked on the white light. What color can you click on?

8 programmable buttons, actually “built-in plug-in”?

The MIIIW Game Mouse has a gaming-grade sensor up to 7200 DPI, which supports 5-speed DPI adjustment at any time during the game. You can also adjust the DPI level that suits you through software.

The keys are equipped with OMRON mechanical game micro-switches, which can be pressed quickly and sharply without any harsh feeling. Even after playing all afternoon, there is no pressure on your fingers.

This mouse has 8 programmable buttons, in addition to the usual forward, backward, and DPI adjustments. You can also set different functions for the wheel to the left and the wheel to the right. In FPS games such as eating chicken that require more keys, the scalability is very strong.

What’s more interesting is that there is a “Aiming Key” on the side of the mouse. When I first heard the name, I was as surprised as seeing the “700G” on the packaging. Could this mouse still aim automatically? Will I be blocked when I play a game?

It is only found in actual use that when the aiming button is pressed, the DPI of the mouse will instantly switch to a very low level, which is convenient for pressing the gun when shooting. It is simply an FPS artifact.

In most FPS games, if you want to quickly target an enemy who doesn’t know where the screen comes from, the DPI of the mouse must not be too low. However, if the DPI is too high, it will change to the “Master of Human Strokes” every second when the gun is just fired. So angry!

The MIIIW Game Mouse’s aiming button is just below the thumb, which does not affect normal use at all when it is not needed. When needed, press the thumb lightly to make the muzzle very stable. Can this not eat chicken? Can this not be RUSH B? Can this still be NEKOPARA? (This is also a “press gun” game after all)

Practical experience, excellent entry-level gaming mouse

The key to the pros and cons of a gaming mouse depends on the performance of the actual game. Try CS: GO for free.

The benefits of the MIIIW Game Mouse’s high accuracy are very obvious, as it can move the crosshair quickly and stop at any time. The aiming button helped me a lot. The ultra-low DPI after pressing it allows me to quickly grasp the trajectory of the pressure gun, and it will never be a stroke of a human body.

Try the MOBA game League of Legends. MIIIW Game Mouse is very comfortable to hold in your hand. Even if it is operated with high intensity for a long time, the palm will sweat and rub back and forth without any burden. I can’t help but think of the broken mouse I used in college, and it hurts after playing two games …

Simply tried two more representative games. MIIIW Game Mouse is basically capable of ordinary players. As a mouse under the “Xiaomi Ecological Chain”, the quality and cost performance are also enough for everyone to rest assured. But in actual use, I also discovered its “hidden attributes” …

A gaming mouse with “hidden attributes”

Although this is a mouse designed for gaming games. But looking at this clever function of the aiming key, I can’t help thinking: this mouse is also very friendly to designers!

Since I used a large-screen monitor at work, in order to avoid moving my palm too much, I raised the DPI of the original mouse. But when using PS, I will find that if I want to make some small movements, the cursor will jitter slightly.

Now think about it, if you have this MIIIW Game Mouse, you don’t need to move your palm too much distance from the left to the right of the screen. At the same time, if you want to perform fine operations in a very small range, you can do it by pressing the aiming button. Even if you move pixel by pixel, there is no pressure.

If a professional designer has experienced this mouse, welcome to discuss its advantages and disadvantages together.

To sum up

As a subsidiary of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, MIIIW has been producing portable mice and supporting tools for Xiaomi notebooks. And this MIIIW Game Mouse continues the quality of the “Xiaomi Miscellaneous Store”. Details such as the aiming key, thumb flanks, and “furious” lighting effects are also very subtle. I dare not say how high the value of the mouse can be improved, but at least it can make the user experience of the ordinary player one level higher. Overall, this is indeed a gaming mouse worth trying.

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