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1MORE HD noise reduction headset experience, noise reduction function is really used

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Music is indispensable in life, and travel, commuting, and sports are all inseparable from music. With music on the headphones, you can enjoy your own good times, free from outside troubles. The experience of the earphones is much higher. The natural requirements for the headphones are also high. Some people say that your ears are becoming picky. The role of the headset I personally feel is that people should have an immersive experience, the interference of outside noise, let music become a way of life. In recent years, more and more people are very interested in Bluetooth noise canceling headphones, without wire-wound winding, lighter and more portable, throwing noise, and listening to music with heart. The technology of the noise canceling earphone is also becoming more and more mature, and the collar type is gradually popular in the wearing manner, and is also very powerful in terms of color value and temperament. Thanks to the preferred product offering! Today, I will introduce you to a brand that is familiar to everyone. 1 MORE launched a noise-reducing earphone–1 MORE HD noise reduction ring Bluetooth headset.

Unpacking details

The headphone package uses a magnetic clamshell design, and the 1MORE metal magnetic plate at the flip is more high-end. The manufacturer also sent the Wanxiao Bear very cute, this is also the symbol mascot of Wanmo.

The bottom of the box details the parameter information of the 1 MORE HD noise reduction ring Bluetooth headset and the identification code of the headset.

The clamshell design is very easy to open, and the prototype design of the headphones is printed on the left side of the cover, allowing us to rest assured that the construction and design of the headphones. On the right side, you can clearly see that the headphones are in the grooves and the transportation will be more stable. 1 MORE brand I have used several personally on the packaging can be said to be very hard.

The accessories of the earphones are very rich, and the feeling is very unusual. In addition to the main body of the headset, an aviation plug, a 3.5mm Type-C wired plug, and a Type-C charging cable are included. The earphones are equipped with 7 earmuffs earplugs, a large storage bag, product brochures, bear stickers and so on.

The patch cord is very practical. For those who are looking for music, the cable can reduce the delay and enjoy music when the aircraft is not allowed to open Bluetooth.

Type-C’s power cord is also a charging interface that I personally prefer. The shortcoming is that the line is a little shorter.

Air adapter, metal wire drawing process, printed with 1 MORE logo, is very delicate. Aviation adapters are things that may not be used, no, no. Long-distance travel is plugged into the headphone jack on the plane, and then transferred. One thing to note is that this can’t charge the headset.

1MORE adopts the more popular collar type earphones. The neck ring of the earphones has a soft memory metal line, which can be easily restored even if it is folded and folded, which is very convenient in storage. The included storage bag must be well received, and the storage bag is more than enough. The drawstring + soft storage bag can take the earphone away at any time, which is especially convenient.

function button

The front of the headphone collar of the earphone is made of metal material, and the rear part is connected to the red circle and the value is very high. The buttons of the earphone are mainly concentrated in the main control area of ​​the left collar of the earphone, and the L mark on the inner side represents the position of the left ear, and the wearing is prevented from being worn. The buttons on the inner side are the volume + and volume and the play pause button, and the small hole in the middle is more convenient for the voice call of the sound hole. There are also two switch buttons on the upper side of the earphone for the ambient sound and noise reduction switch, the other is the combination of the power button and the AI ​​voice button, and an indicator light to indicate the headphone status.

The charging hole of the earphone is at the end position of the main control of the earphone. It can be easily buckled by hand. It can be charged by plugging in the Type-C. When charging, the indicator light is red. When it is full, it will be extinguished by itself.

The magnetic ear design of the earphone part of the earphone can suck the earphones together to prevent swaying when not listening to music. This is also a practical design scheme for keeping the earphone stable.

The part of the line of the earphone comes out from the vicinity of the connection between the neck of the earphone and the front main control, and the outside is protected, the earphone wire will be more stable, and it is also prevented from being easily torn.

The magnetic part of the earphone is designed to prevent the wear of the earphone and the rough matte material used in the magnetic part, so that it does not affect the aesthetics and solve the problem of magnetism. A certain earphone used before has been greatly affected by the damaged face value of the magnetic attraction.

The sound cavity part of the earphone adopts the self-developed “moving ring + moving iron” low distortion unit, and the metal material is more textured. The tilting design of the ear is more in line with the structure of the human ear, and the wearing is more comfortable. The right earphone is also printed with a large R letter, which represents the direction of the earphone, and the design is more powerful.

1MORE software

One of the software aspects of 1MORE is the downtime tool – Wanmo Assistant, the other is the 1MORE exclusive music app, 1MORE MUSIC, let’s take a look.

As the software of the Wanmo, the new headsets need to be down. The debugging parameters are not very stable when they leave the factory. They need to be run-in like the car. You can use the special frequency generator by listening to music every day. Take the opportunity. There are sine waves, pink noise, white noise and other multi-frequency downtime effects on the Wanmo assistant. It is good to have more headphones, but try not to take a long time to take the opportunity, but also need to rest.

The music software of 1MORE headphones can be said that the exclusive APP of 1MORE headphones can not be used without binding headphones. The first time you open the binding according to the prompts, you can use the software by selecting the headset. Enter the software to see the operating instructions of the headset, even if you do not see the manual here can be seen at a glance.

The interface design of the software is relatively incompetent and easy to use. The interface has only one page of the home page. Below are recommended song lists, new songs, popular songs and other columns, personal pages with music, recent play, settings and other information. 1MORE MUSIC’s resources are still relatively rich, and the search is also more convenient, so that when we listen to music, there will be few obstacles, and there are more Chinese pop music. Of course, the simplicity of the interface is also flawed, so it is not convenient for everyone to set up and choose. Headphones support Tencent’s AI voice function. This is more convenient. Just say the song we want to listen to, but the recognition rate of voice in noisy environment is not very high. This needs to be optimized.

Noise reduction effect

Wearing headphones when commuting has become my habit. I always heard the sound of the car when I was wearing headphones, so I still like the noise-reducing headphones. The advantage of noise canceling headphones is to shield the outside world from noise and let us immerse ourselves in the world of music. The noise reduction of this earphone is divided into two types: weak noise reduction and strong noise reduction. The weak file is suitable for shielding environmental sounds in a quiet place in the library or work. The strong file is suitable for subways, buses, stations, etc. For long-term commuting, I am particularly practical. Listening to music no longer needs to open the loud volume to cover the noise. The earphone also has a mode of enhanced ambient sound. When we are in the car, we will not miss the sound of the station even if we listen to music, which adds a little convenience.

Sound quality analysis

The sound quality of the earphones can be said that 1MORE has done a lot of work, the design of the low distortion unit of the moving coil + moving iron, plus the optimization of the high and low frequency, makes the tri-band of the earphone more balanced.

“Feikou” can be said to be a well-recognized song suitable for testing tri-band, and it is a good idea for earphone enthusiasts. Of course, you can also choose your favorite songs to experience the headphones during the experience. After all, everyone’s sense of hearing is different. In terms of high frequency, the elasticity and ductility of the sound are good, clear and transparent. In terms of the intermediate frequency, the vocals are still delicate, there is no obvious short board, and the connection with the high frequency is relatively stable. The low-frequency dive effect is good, strong and powerful, the electric sound, DJ effect is good, coupled with the noise reduction effect of the earphone, the space sense of the earphone is even better. For this price of headphones, this tri-band performance still gives me a bright spot.


1 MORE HD noise canceling headphones built a 160mAh lithium battery, not very large, the official data said that the battery life is about 7 hours. For this kind of neck-mounted earphones, of course, the longer the battery life, the better, without frequent charging, commuting and travel can be worn. After a few days of commuting, there is no problem for about 6 hours. The battery life of the headset is quite satisfactory but the charging speed is really very fast. For those of us who often go out and forget to charge, this headset also supports a three-hour fast charge operation for 10 minutes, which is practical. If you are still afraid of no electricity, it is recommended to wear a wired adapter to effectively solve the problem of no power.

to sum up

The noise reduction function of the 1more HD noise canceling headphones is really used. Compared with the noise without the noise reduction function, the noise on the bus will make it difficult to adapt to the bus. After the recent use, the noise reduction function has become more and more practical. I used to think that the noise-reduction headphones couldn’t hear the outside world, and it would be very dangerous. In fact, this kind of worry is superfluous. In the ambient sound mode, you can hear the external environmental sound. This earphone has different feelings for both design and noise reduction effects. It is very interested in the wired transfer and fast charge function of the earphone. Personally, it is very optimistic for this earphone, for the noise reduction earphone within 1,000 yuan. In fact, the price of 799 is acceptable at this level.

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