How To Apply Winter Makeup

Feeling a little unsexy this season? Dry skin, frizzy hair, and a flaky face will do that. Today, let’s share some tips and tricks for applying face makeup during the cold winter months. Many women make up for dry skin, lack of color and their makeup just not looking right. If this sounds like you, then keep reading because I have answers for your winter beauty concerns!

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Chose Your Style For The Coming Halloween’s Day

Halloween is coming, are you ready for it? What is your style last year? Did you surprised your friends? This year you may want another cool style for this coming Halloween, so let’s introduct some interested and cool styles for you. Here are a few of her easy-to-recreate styles that will satisfy girlie-girls and die-hard fright night fans, alike.


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How To Apply Natural Makeup

This Autumn, the trend in makeup is all about looking at naturale. Natural makeup look take a heck of a lot less time and effort than drawing on a cat-eye or perfecting bold red lips. It’s make you more comfortable and closed in daily life. You can choose some basic makeup tools at China Wholesale first. Actually, it’s easy to apply a natural makeup, let’s do it with the following points.

Makeup tips

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Makeup Brushes – Must Have Makeup Tools For Every Woman

I believe that most of people won’t leave the door unless they are applying makeup, because of the age and the street of life, we are trend to rely on makeup tools strongly. When the wrinkle climb up on our forehead, we will take makeup tools with us everywhere. Applying makeup is an art and a lot of practice is required to master this one. Makeup brushes are useful tools to help you find the nearest professional work. There are several types of makeup brushes in the market, the appropriate use will help you achieve total accuracy.

makeup brushes

Concealer Brush

A girl’s best friend when it comes to makeup, has to be her concealer, especially if she’s planning on whizzing out the door without anything but eyeliner, which is her second best friend by the way. It hides flaws and uplifts one’s face making it look more radiant, and well, alive. This brush is used to cover up blemishes and spots that one wants to camouflage under a well picked out concealer that goes perfectly with one’s skin tone. Wondering which makeup brushes to replace or own?

Lip Brush

Using this brush makes you even out your lipstick, keeping it within your lip lines, and corners. It gives you a clean look, making it last longer when spread out like so. The two important brushes that fall under types of lip brushes are, long handed brushes, and the retractable lipstick brush.

Eyeshadow Brush

There are three distinct areas that eyeshadow brushes cover, and with that come three significant brushes. The first one is the angled brush, used to blend colors towards the creases of your eyes; the second one, the blending brush, is used to merge two colors of eyeshadow to give it either a softer look, or mesh two colors; and lastly a shadow brush, used to apply eyeshadow all over the lid of your eye, where the eye socket bump lies. Eyeliner brushes are those that come twisted within bottles containing liquid eyeliners, that can be applied either in thin or thick strokes depending on the brush’s design. A liner brush is used to separate any eyelashes that have clumped together after mascara has been applied.

Facial Brushes

There are two kinds that come into this area of applying makeup, one being the contour brush, meant to apply blush onto one’s cheekbone area; and the second one being the large powder brush, used to dust excess powder off the face for an overall even and clear look. A foundation brush is used to evenly apply a layer of foundation all over the face, eliminating that blotchy look.

Makeup brushes will have great difference between a bad makeup application and a good one. Have you ever been walking down the street and seen a woman with an orange or pink face and a different colored neck? Take the time to learn more about makeup tools include makeup brushes is quite important for every woman. China wholesale online store TOMTOP offered latest quality makeup tools for our customers at low price. If you are interested, welcome to visit us or paste the link into your browser:

Tips Of Choosing The Right Makeup Brushes

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. So girls who not have enough confidence about your appearance, not be the lazy ones and spend time on Makeup. Do you know the key of a perfect makeup? The answer is Makeup Brushes, one of the secrets in makeup application is using quality makeup brushes. The best makeup brush set is made of sable hair and can last many years with good maintenance. Let discuss how to choose the right makeup brushes and how they are used in the following.

Makeup Brushes

1. Decide what you want for the brush.

There are brushes for face powder, foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow and pencil, lipstick and more specialized, like the outline and spool to separate the eyelashes and eyebrows.

2. Buy What You Can Afford

You may not be able to spend a fortune on makeup brushes, but you should buy the best ones you can afford. They don’t have to be top notch, but you want good brushes. Besides, the better your brushes, the longer they will last. However, there are definitely things other than price to consider, and they can make more of a difference.

3. A Brush For Every Task

You will want to look for a set that has a brush for every task you’ll need. For example, you will probably want a powder brush, which is typically large. You will want a small, fluffier brush for things like bronzing powder and blush. You’ll need a brush for eyeshadow, plus one for blending, and you may want a foundation as well – but maybe not. Most makeup artists say a sponge is better for foundation.

4. Do Better Than Basic

What this means is, don’t scrimp. For instance, if you use a brush to apply concealer, you should have two brushes. One should be used for the hollow of your eyes, and it should be slick and wide. You should have another one for blemishes. It should be much smaller and kind of pointy.

5. Go Natural

By and large, natural makeup brushes just work better. They are fluffy and they are soft, which is more comfortable. Plus they have natural follicles, or cuticles. That will hold whatever pigment you put on the brush much better than a synthetic one, which means that the color will go onto your skin better as well.

6. Check Durability

If you have a set in mind, then you may want to check out reviews before you make your purchase. You want your brushes to be durable and long lasting. No one wants to be spend money on something like this only to have their makeup brushes start falling apart or losing.

7. Be Picky But Not Pretty

You might want a nice, lovely little matched set of makeup brushes, but that might not be the best option. It might be a better idea, actually, to just find the right individual brush, regardless of whether or not it matches your other ones. It may also pay if you pay. That is, if you buy one or two quality brushes, they may cost more, but you don’t have to buy an entire set of them – and they will last a good long time.

Really hope these tips can give you some suggestions in choosing the right makeup brushes. Buy Makeup Brushes from China Wholesale online store, make your task easier and give you a new look in this summer. More information about Makeup Tools, visit TOMTOP or paste the link into your browser:

Makeup Tools – Your Must Invest In Beauty

Makeup tools are mostly over looked and underrated because most women balk at the idea of separate tools for applying makeup as unnecessary expense. I cannot emphasize enough the value of good makeup tools, applying makeup is easier, smoother and faster, leaving you with a natural and long lasting makeup. Investing in and using the right makeup brushes and tools will not only give you a flawless makeup look, but help save money in the long run.

Once you go makeup shopping, buying the lipsticks and eye shadows and blushes can be said to be much easier than shopping for the right tools. There are just so many different types of makeup brushes and other tools that it it nearly impossible to figure out which ones are the ones you need the most. Although you can get away with using your fingers, you have to realize it’s the tools that act as the gap between you and the pros! Here are some of the most basic tools that should be stashed away into every woman’s makeup kit.

Makeup Tools

Powder Brush

This full rounded brush can be extremely useful to dust on the mineral blush or foundation. When you want to apply foundation, you have to work the minerals in a circular motion onto the face. If you want to apply blush using this brush, dust the minerals over and around the cheekbones. Get one that is large, round and soft. Remember to tap off any excess powder to get a sheer, natural look.

Makeup brushes

Blush Brush

The little brushes that usually come with your blush tend to leave harsh streaks and will never be as good as a proper blush brush to give you that soft glow. This brush can also be used for blending and bronzing. This soft brush is often seen to be tapered to get maximum coverage. When applying foundation, you ought to load minerals onto one side of the brush. Once loaded, pat the minerals onto your skin and then sweep the brush downward to blend. During application of blush, sweep the color over the cheekbones.

Blending Brush

This is a bare essential in eye makeup. For the lids, load the mineral onto a single side of the brush and then sweep onto eyes. When you move to the crease, load the mineral right onto the tip and then sweep it into the crease. These come in many sizes. You might like to get a demonstration done at the counter and go for one you like. If you are buying online, a medium sized one should be sufficient.

By using the suitable instruments, you’ll be able to enhance your make up application each in look and efficiency. At all times spend the additional dollar to get higher equipment. It is definitely worth investing in good quality makeup tools, buy makeup tools at wholesale price from China wholesale online store TOMTOP now, visit us follow the link: