How To Apply Winter Makeup


Feeling a little unsexy this season? Dry skin, frizzy hair, and a flaky face will do that. Today, let’s share some tips and tricks for applying face makeup during the cold winter months. Many women make up for dry skin, lack of color and their makeup just not looking right. If this sounds like you, then keep reading because I have answers for your winter beauty concerns!

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Prep & Smooth: Skincare is very important! I always follow up with a hydrating serum (this step is crucial), eye cream and moisturizer. Prior to applying foundation, I dab on a little face primer, which gives her makeup a super flawless and smooth look.

Color Match: Most of us lose our summer color during the wintertime. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your foundation and concealer still match you. If the color looks too dark or orange on your skin tone, then it’s best to get a lighter color that suits you.

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Foundation Finish: During the winter, luminous or dewy finishes look best. They help to hide imperfections such as dry or flakey skin. If you prefer matte, it’s still fine to use. However, make sure that your skin is super hydrated and use a foundation primer. Otherwise, the matte finish will point out the uneven texture of your skin.

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Healthy Boost of Color: Last but not least, for a finishing touch, I always make sure to add color on the eyes, lips or cheeks. I want myself to look alive and healthy, this makes me feel good all the days.

Hope the above tips and tricks give you some help of winter make up. Our website offer many kinds of high quality and good price makeup tools, including makeup brushes, eyeshadow, nail product and so on. You can choose some for your winter makeup.

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