Tips Of Choosing The Right Makeup Brushes


There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. So girls who not have enough confidence about your appearance, not be the lazy ones and spend time on Makeup. Do you know the key of a perfect makeup? The answer is Makeup Brushes, one of the secrets in makeup application is using quality makeup brushes. The best makeup brush set is made of sable hair and can last many years with good maintenance. Let discuss how to choose the right makeup brushes and how they are used in the following.

Makeup Brushes

1. Decide what you want for the brush.

There are brushes for face powder, foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow and pencil, lipstick and more specialized, like the outline and spool to separate the eyelashes and eyebrows.

2. Buy What You Can Afford

You may not be able to spend a fortune on makeup brushes, but you should buy the best ones you can afford. They don’t have to be top notch, but you want good brushes. Besides, the better your brushes, the longer they will last. However, there are definitely things other than price to consider, and they can make more of a difference.

3. A Brush For Every Task

You will want to look for a set that has a brush for every task you’ll need. For example, you will probably want a powder brush, which is typically large. You will want a small, fluffier brush for things like bronzing powder and blush. You’ll need a brush for eyeshadow, plus one for blending, and you may want a foundation as well – but maybe not. Most makeup artists say a sponge is better for foundation.

4. Do Better Than Basic

What this means is, don’t scrimp. For instance, if you use a brush to apply concealer, you should have two brushes. One should be used for the hollow of your eyes, and it should be slick and wide. You should have another one for blemishes. It should be much smaller and kind of pointy.

5. Go Natural

By and large, natural makeup brushes just work better. They are fluffy and they are soft, which is more comfortable. Plus they have natural follicles, or cuticles. That will hold whatever pigment you put on the brush much better than a synthetic one, which means that the color will go onto your skin better as well.

6. Check Durability

If you have a set in mind, then you may want to check out reviews before you make your purchase. You want your brushes to be durable and long lasting. No one wants to be spend money on something like this only to have their makeup brushes start falling apart or losing.

7. Be Picky But Not Pretty

You might want a nice, lovely little matched set of makeup brushes, but that might not be the best option. It might be a better idea, actually, to just find the right individual brush, regardless of whether or not it matches your other ones. It may also pay if you pay. That is, if you buy one or two quality brushes, they may cost more, but you don’t have to buy an entire set of them – and they will last a good long time.

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