Zoomable 3 Mode CREE LED Flashlight Torch


Zoomable 3 Mode CREE LED Flashlight Torch 200 Lumen is a very fascinating flashlight. It has numerous amazing properties that make it a must have. Owning this flashlight can be really helpful in event of any emergency or accident.
Flashlight is a really very useful gadget. It has been around since last many decades but with the passage of time many new qualities have been introduced in it. In the past a torch or fire was used as a light source at night or in the dark. It was used while hunting  at nights or doing  any work needed to be done  in the  area having low light conditions.  Flashlight was introduced  in order to replace torch as a source of light. Flashlights have continuously passed through the process of modification and many models have been introduced. Various companies try to bring new and improved flashlights.

There are various types of flashlights. Traditional flashlights use bulb for producing light. One drawback of this type of light is the bulb burns very fast and batteries need to get changed after every few days. This can be quite expensive. Technology has provided solution for this problem by introducing LED. LED stands for light emitting diode , which is being used in modern  flashlights  for the purpose of producing light. LED flashlights are available in a variety of models. Every model has its own specific special properties.  The most important thing about this model is that it is zoomable and it is always good to have zoomable flashlights.

Some of the remarkable features of CREE LED zoomable 3 mode flashlight torch.
It is a very handy and easy to use LED flashlight. It’s practical, compact and very unproblematic to carry.
LED quality
The quality of LED used in this flashlight is very good. Its CREE LED chip has output of 200 lumen max. This good quality leads to longer life and efficient working. Apart from this it also covers wider area while providing light.
This flashlight has a strong case made up of aluminum alloy. This provides flashlight with an extra strength which prevents it from damage upon dropping on the ground.
Water proof
It is a waterproof flashlight. It can work under water. But it has to be kept in mind not to soak it for a long time as it may harm the normal functioning.
Circuit design
Circuit design of this flashlight is very good as it has a constant current flow which prevent any damage to light emitter.
Slide proof
The body of flashlight is designed to be slide proof as it is serrated. This feature is very wonderful as you don’t have to worry whether you are putting flashlight on a slippery surface or not.
Switch mode
With the 3 switch mode you can always control the intensity of light.

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