XBOX360 Power Adapter has been red


XBOX360 Power Adapter has been red

First, a 1% chance of Xbox 360 AC Adapter three red. That is almost 100 machines have a table. This is of course everyone said, spread naturally feel is 1% done. But definitely not what you say is very high. Do not be afraid, so worried about playing the game no fun. Maybe you see everywhere are asking the question so afraid of the red 3. Do you want to, if not the three red, then who post messages to ask how to solve it? Ho ho. Assured a place in the confidence to buy a good machine play.

Prevention, I’ll teach you a few simple methods, but these are the private sector, no official guidelines.

1. Cooling around the machine-Xbox 360 Power Cord Replacement. Keep the machine around the space, do not suffer the wall place, if you choose the machine sideways to put the words to pad it with something below it vac ated. If you do not have such a heel. But placed horizontally on its reading good. In addition the following can be placed on air conditioning or air-conditioned room, so that meaning is clear, ho ho.

2. Loaded water-cooled air-cooled. Technical requirements are relatively high, but you can clearly tell you, will still be installed 3 red. I have a few friends are. If you need it, carefully chosen, because the installation of these, it is in trouble, is a large machine, mobile inconvenient.

3. Every time the game comes to an end not to leave off, exit the game, put the dish out, let the machine(Xbox 360 Power Supply AC Adapter) back to the original frame of 15-20 minutes and then shut down. The temperature is very high because of its reading, if you finish off the game, then immediately shut down, the temperature will be about from its reading of the high temperature to lower, so that may lead to deformation of the internal parts. Let the machine finish off the game a little time to run automatically, so that the temperature slowly decreased, so that the process had a buffer, a relatively good point. Of course, this is actually spread all the way to say more, become “truth.”

4. Moment can not remember what method. . . I casual bar. What about some of the game disc cause the machine to 3 red, ah, these are unlikely to be reason. While it is true some people just happened, but only one example. I have not encountered this before, no comment, only recommend not to brush the machine you have the money to play genuine. No money to buy a reassuring safety disc.

5.3 Red a lot of problems, not just the most common heat. There are many other problems, such as what voltage ah so. I tried to voltage instability led to three red, rebooting solved.

6. There is no one way to solve the 3 red, and only Microsoft’s design to improve it so. . . All the methods we just reduce and prevention.

7.3 red complex. 3 red can repair, but can be repaired as to whether this is hard to say. Repair depends on where you take 1? Repair Master 2 is not a rookie to look at. Even if the fix may still relapse, and the risk of recurrence is likely to remain high. So the problem, you have to be serious, is to consider where to buy the machine, and if 3 red this business what you measure. For example, I bought the shop is that 3 red repairing January shelf life. And if not completely repaired, plus 800 for the new machine.

8. Have any other questions, leave your EMAIL, talk slowly. Ha ha ha.

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