How to Choose the Most Suitable Wireless IP Camera


If you have a wireless camera system in your home or business, chances are you have heard of the Wireless Internet Protocol Cameras, also known as the Wireless IP Camera. As the name speaks for itself, these cameras are connected wirelessly to a home of business computer network. The popularity of the Wireless IP Camera has increased recently because it is easy to install and it has superb features that previously can only be provided by very expensive camera systems.

wireless ip camera

Setting up a Wireless IP Camera would need at least an excellent network system that should include among others one wireless router. If the intention is to connect it through the internet a good wireless router with a built-in ADSL modem will be required.

Another important factor to be taken into account is the location of the wireless router. The router should be within the reach of the camera(s) to ensure good connection. Ideally, the router should be within a distance of 50 meters to 150 meters from the wireless camera. Meanwhile, it should be noted that walls and other physical obstruction can significantly affect the operating range of the wireless router and connected equipment.

Listed below are factors that need to be taken into consideration in buying Wireless IP Camera for your personal and business use.

  • The number of cameras needed and the number that would be monitored in full operation.
  • The location of which the equipment will be installed, an outdoor location would require weather proof cameras.
  • The choice between a hidden or a visible camera.
  • The time of day when the equipment will be in full use. A night vision or low light camera will be needed in dark areas or during night time.
  • The accessibility and connectivity of the equipment through the internet or smart phone.
  • The convenience of changing the angle of the camera remotely for maximum surveillance.
  • The power supply of the camera. Most wireless cameras are battery operated.
  • The recording of images to a computer hard disk.
  • The need of automatic detection feature that supports automatic notification and recording when the camera is activated.

There are so many aspects that need to be taken into account in buying and owning Wireless IP Camera. However, when all else is considered, it still boils down on the buyer’s requirements and budget.

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