Wifi Repeater 802.11N Gets You Free online Experience

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As we all know, Internet has become more and more popular and widely used by most of people. We use the internet to working, studying, shopping, watching TV and so on during our daily life. But sometimes the bad network will make us unhappy and depressed, especially when we are working. Wifi Repeater 802.11N can help you avoid this situation.

It can improve wireless coverage in all WLAN networks. So long as WLAN exists, it can be installed to get a faster net working speed. It supports two modes: wireless repeater and standard AP. With the speed up to 300Mbps transmission rates, we can surfing on the Internet freely and quickly.

This type of Wireless-N Wifi Repeater can be used in different country with different channel and frequency band. In USA, you use channel 11 with 2.412~2.462GHz; in Europe, use channel 13 with 2.412~2.472GHz; in Japan, use channel 14 with 2.412~2.484GHz.

There are many functions mentioned here if the router support, IP bandwidth control, DNS relay, VPN pass-through, Static router and DHCP server. All those can help you get an unimpeded flow of information from the Internet. Traffic statistics and system journal are two system tools you should have in advance.

In order to guarantee the security of your network, you should do something as fellow: 1.IP and MAC address binding against ARP attacks; 2. IP address screening; 3. Name screening and MAC address screening.

Once we have Wifi Repeater 802.11N, we needn’t worry about networking anymore and we can enjoy the free-worry online experience. It is really useful? Experience will tell you the best answer.

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