What will you create via this amazing DJI Phantom 3?

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Find the marvelous beauty of the world; Touch your soul’s inner thought; Feel the infinite soaring freedom. DJI Phantom 3 Professional, helps you look around the world and see the untouchable future.

Being more intelligent and powerful, Phantom 3 breaks out of the ice and presents you with extraordinary aerial shooting experience with its unprecedented simple operation. Let us draw a veil over it.

Brand New 4k Camera

Perhaps you are curious about what camera will be used in this one? This time, the 4k camera, specially designed for Phantom 3 Professional, will bring you unprecedented HD experience. With the aspheric lens being added, it can greatly remove the distortion of camera lens, restoring the world to its original appearance.

In the meantime, the new generation of sensor will produce clearer image quality and bright, full color. Combined with DJI industrial-strength three axial stabilized pilot platform, it can effectively transfer the output of smooth pictures. So, it’s time to say goodbye to those fuzzy ones!

HD Image Transmission Technology

Most notably, stop worrying about image transmission quality! Phantoms 3 Professional carries HD image transmission technology much admired by photographers. All you need to do is just to connect your mobile devices with the remote control, and then watch the real-time 720P high-res aerial shots via DJI Pilot App.

Even the transmission distance up to two kilometers, the image quality is still excellent and perfect. That’s really impressive!

Meanwhile, the particular antenna design by DJI ensures unprecedented maximum communication distance. Each four feet of the undercarriage are equipped with built-in ultra-sensative antenna, which enables you to constantly transfer HD image and receive omni-directional control instruction.

Customized Remote Control

Can’t completely control the plane? You are gonna be interested in this:

The powerful remote control customized for Phantom 3 can achieve super remote control distance up to 2 kilometers, letting your air travel be safe and unconstraint.

Novice Never Feel Safer Like This

A novice is never to be a hot potato! Phantom 3 professional provides unique novice mode to set a security barrier. You can set flying distance and height limitation, making the plane fly within safe ranges. Geofence based on GPS positioning system makes sure that the plane won’t fly to other places or run into obstacles, which can not only help you grasp operating skills but also enjoy the joy of flying.

Powerful Mobile APP

Being connected to mobile devices, DJI Pilot App can function effectively to set the camera, quickly edit videos, real-time maps, etc.

1.Completely new video editing functions to edit wonderful moments anytime anywhere;

2.User-friendly social media share interface;

3. Know the positions of the quadcopter through the real-time map at any time;

4. Convenient and complete camera parameters settings;

5.IOS and Android devices supported.

Vision Positioning System

Even flying at low altitudes indoors without GPS, the Phantom 3 can still hover accurately and fly smoothly through the built-in video and ultrasonic sensor perceiving ground background and relative altitude. Have much fun indoors!

Optimized Intelligent Controlling Experience

Auto Take-off

Takeoff has never been so easier! Just softly touch the one-key take-off button, and the system will automatically start motor. The plane will take off automatically and hover at the preset height, then you can start freely control it.

One-key Return

Auto-return home is also achievable. Provided that the GPS signal is good enough and successfully records the point of return when the plane takes off, it will return and land automatically through the one-key return button.

Out of Control Protection

Out of control ceases to be a tough problem. When the plane’s smart battery is low or other external factors results in a dropped signal between the plane and the remote control, the system will automatically touch the out of control return, and the plane will automatically fly to the point of return and land safely.

Intelligent Flying Records

DJI Phantom 3 can automatically record all flying details, including route, time, distance, place, etc. Real time data cache of all pictures and videos in the process of flying for your reference. Grasp every details during the flight!

New Smart Battery

It’s time to revolutionize the battery! The new upgraded smart battery is with built-in sensor and LED indicator, with which you can know the real-time information about the plane’s battery status, remaining capacity, and the like. The system will accurate the needed time for return and land of the plane, according to its flying distance, so you can control the time of flight more accurately. Moreover, quick-charge can also be effected with the standard charging devices, saving much of your charging time.

Be the actor of your own lifE! Now let DJI Phantoms 3 Professional take you to rush the skies! Find the beauty of the world and tell your deep thoughts from a totally new perspective. Everything is ready. Await your arrangements respectfully.

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