Qing Qing Shi Jie – QC Department Weekends Travels


From here, we walked into the magical Qing Qing Shi Jie. With passion we started this new “family” trip!

The beautiful Butterfly Valley, let us enjoy the butterflies fluttering in the city, bring us a special feeling.

Shocking tropical rain forest, rare tropical plants, lifelike dinosaurs and fossils, just like back in ancient times.

Breathtaking suspension bridge, while someone did not forget to look at the handsome guy behind us, lol!

Fruits scenery, Beancurd Mill, tea houses, magical beauty has been always accompanied us.

The Sunset suggest the end of the afternoon trip, we walked out of the Qing Qing Shi Jie with our laughter. Well, boys and girls, after enjoying the blue and green beauty, we have to pick up a good mood and bring today’s passion to our future work.

If you feel your mood is too impetuous,

Here will clean up all the waves of dust,

If you think trouble is around you,

Here will give you a cooling off quiet world!

An elegant light music – Qing Qing Shi Jie, welcome to listen!

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