Transformer 3 Released, Who Dares To Contend


The American movie, Transformers , carries too many childhood memories of film fans of the generation after 80s. More and more people couldn’t help watching it. July 21, 2011, there comes the official premiere of Transformer 3 in China. It can be said that July 21 is a bound to be a carnival day for all the fans. Most of the Transformer fans have been pressed against the local studios just for the same target, Transformer 3 : dark of the moon .

After a day’s work, in commemoration of our sweet but past childhood and youth, we marketing department decide to experience the most wonderful war in the history. After lunch, we seven people come to the nearest cinema and watch Transformer 3.

transformer 3

Specific plot:

In 1961, a devastating war makes Sai Botan planet devastated. A spaceship from the Sai Botan planet crashed in the side of the moon, which is the last ark that can carry Autobots escape from there. However, this spacecraft driven by imperial enemies carries the secrets that can save Sai Botan planet. On Earth, NASA’s has detected the crash of spacecraft, so they decided to take advantage of the mission to moon July 20,1969 to explore and detect the matter secretly. In the several decades later, Autobots have forged alliance with U.S military today. Actually, the Autobots aim to protect human beings from self destruction. During the Chernobyl nuclear leakage, Optimus Prime has found the fact that Soviet’s improper power source useage that leads to the matter. Meanwhile, that kind of power source is right the fuel cell found from the Ark. In order to find the truth, Optimus Prime decided to recapture the power source and wake Royal predators. When learning from this matter, U.S military worry about the Autobots will deal with human beings on earth by using that power energy. At the same time, Sam is getting puzzled about his life and work after graduated. He didn’t find a good job for a long time. But life always play jokes with us. When Sam finally found a job, he was involved in the war……

Transformer 3 really gives a start to you. We really suffered from its visual shock. In addition to 3D effect, In such a simulated environment, we would have an immersed sense. What’s more, it’s fast and lively rhythm makes us in tense and concentrate into the screen. The highlight of Transformer 3 is that all the fighting occured among the buildings which seems to be very difficult. However, the leap of transformers and charm of weapons are so vividly and incisively. Transformer 3 is really a feast for the eyes!

Marketing Department

Aug 1 ,2011

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