Ulefone Armor 5, the most rugged smartphone in 2018


Smartphones are an essential part of my daily life and work. Do you want to have a rugged mobile phone? Do you want your phone to be waterproof and drop resistant? Then it will not break the screen even it falls from the heights to the ground. Do you want your phone to have a lot of features and the price is still very cheap? If your answer is yes, then this Ulefone Armor 5 Rugged IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone is your best choice.

Stylish and sturdy apperance

The Ulefone Armor 5 has a 5.85-inch 1512*720 resolution screen with a screen ratio of 91%. Great for people who like big screen phones. And its screen surface is also covered with Corning’s 4th generation gorilla glass to improve scratch resistance. In addition to the metal frame to create the side frame, the back cover is also mirror-finished, and there is also a streamer effect, not only beautiful, but also scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.

Ulefone Armor 5 Rugged IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone

Perfect performance

Armor 5 has MTK MT6763 eight-core processor, 4 + 64G memory. It can provide you with smooth use speed, so you can enjoy your mobile phone world freely. Not only that, but the biggest feature of the Armor 5 is its excellent protection. It has reached the IP68 three-proof standard, dustproof, waterproof and drop-proof. Even if it falls from the heights to the ground, it is still intact. Even if it falls into the mud, it can be used normally. The phone also supports a variety of global satellite positioning systems, a variety of sensors, and also supports NFC, OTG and other extended functions. What’s more, it’s still your perfect photographer. The rear 16MP + 5 million double shooter and the front 13MP, shot 1512 * 720 pixels of high quality photos. Armor 5 is sure to record every moment in your life.

Ulefone Armor 5 Rugged IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone

Cheapest face unlocking and fingerprint ID phone

The Ulefone Armor 5 comes with a fingerprint and facial recognition system that gives you the option to quickly unlock your phone. Compared to other phones with face unlocking, this phone is the cheapest. You can have it for just $179.99. Moreover, the Armor 5 is powered by a 5000mAh Li-Po battery with fast charging and wireless charging. A perfect mobile phone, you must not miss it

Ulefone Armor 5 Rugged IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone

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