Get amazing control and accuracy with 4D Mouse


This 4D mouse is USB attached and can be used in laptops, tablets and PCs. This mouse is normally used off the table and provides goods space for operation thus protecting your wrist and muscles. The buttons and two dimensions can be controlled very easily with the help of fingers in this mouse. This great mouse comes from Brando and can be the solution if you want to have grip and control. Its look is very much similar to the Sci Fi gun but it can be very good for your wrist. There are plenty of great features included in this mouse. There are no limitations in the operations of this mouse. You can use your thumb to control 4D page scrolling function in this mouse.

4D Mouse

?There is trackball used in this 4D mouse with feature of 3 button design therefore it can also be described as trackball. It has an easy plug and play USB 2.0 interface and there is no need of software to install this mouse in your computer. The design of this mouse is very special which can avoid harm to your wrist and muscles. There will be no discomfort to CTS and Arthritis with this mouse. You can be able to use this mouse with left or right hand. It can be cradled between both hands as well. It has a mini size and light in weight due to which it is easy to carry. This USB or trackball mouse is ideal for desktop computers as well as laptops.

This USB mouse normally comes in black color and non slip soft rubber is used in this mouse. Thumb is normally placed on the roller ball and end of middle or index finger is on the trigger button. It is suitable for all kinds of computers. This USB mouse is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, 2000 and Windows NT. This Trackball Mouse is available with dimensions of 80 x 50 x 55 mm. the length of USB cable is 2m. The net weight of this mouse is 65g. It is a convenient mouse and its look is also very good. This mouse is available at an affordable price. The buttons of this beautiful mouse are compressed very easily.

This trackball 4D mouse is comfortable to use. The feel of this mouse is very good. You can have perfection, in precision and accuracy with this mouse. This mouse provides you great positioning on your tablet. This mouse is more effective, accurate and cost effective as well. It can provide you great computer navigation and maximum control. It has a unique look and design and it provides simple controls. The roller ball is easily controlled with the help of thumb and you just need to use only index or middle finger in this mouse. This USB mouse is compatible with all operating systems. It provides great comfort and less muscle effort to the users and buttons can be controlled easily.

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