Portability redefined with 7 inch HD Laptop


This 7 inch HD laptop is touch screen and is Android Tablet PC. The hard drive memory of this laptop is 2GB. WiFi is provided with this laptop and there is multi language support as well. There are many great features available in this laptop. Google Android Operating System is used in this laptop. There is support for 32GB SD card extension and 38 languages in this laptop as well. There is sliding menu with full size touch operation having drag options. The screen of the laptop has auto rotating function in four ways. The battery timing is very good and it has very good standby time. There is built in microphone in this laptop. You can have the support of E-book foundation in this laptop.

7 inch HD laptop

The screen of this PC Notebook has 16:9 widescreen ratio. Its internal memory is 128MB DDR and its processor is 533MHz. Its touch panel screen provides high brightness with 800 x 400 pixels on TFT LCD. There are integrated graphics used in this laptop. There is stereo speaker device used in this laptop for audio video streams. There is one SD card slot in this laptop. There is WiFi for the wireless connection in this laptop and its wireless control is 802.1 B/G. There is support for different software provided in the laptop. Communication software like MSN and Skype are included in the laptop. The layout screen of the software is very good.
There is Media Player and Music Player and Peacecok Video included in this UMPC Laptop. It provides support for MP3 Audio format and image support for JPEG and Gif. There are built in games like tennis, guitar, chess, baseball, spores, blackjack and some touch games like Guerrilla and Assassins Creed in this laptop. It is full multimedia laptop providing lots of great features. You can use different tools like Weather, Clocks and Note Paper in this laptop. 3GP video support is available in this laptop. Google Chrome Browser and Office included in this laptop as well. Mail and PDF Reader included in the laptop as well for the E-book. It provides support for video online as well. And explorer and Android Task Killer are used in this laptop while Youtube is the web video icon in this laptop.
There is 900MAH Lithium ion battery used in this 7 inch HD Laptop. AC adapter is used for power device. The run time of the battery is 2 hours. This laptop is available in black, silver and white colors. The net weight of the laptop is 350g while the gross weight of the unit package is 860g. The dimensions of this laptop are 207 x 119 x 13 mm. USB cable is provided with the package and this laptop has support for USB 2.0. This laptop looks very smart with its touch screen and it is comfortable to use as well. Different functions can be used easily and conveniently in this laptop. You can have superb web experience with this laptop.

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